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Gt Yarmouth Pleasure Beach Pictures

I havent been to Gt Yarmouth for 3 years, and it was nice to go back there,mainly for the Scenic Railway Roller Coaster thats nearly been there for 80 years now,and still running as good as it looks,Its just a wonderful coaster and may it still be here for another 80 years. My Trip back here also took me into Joyland which I missed the last time I came here,Plus a small trip 10 miles up north to Hemsby for another coaster credit. Firstly Lets see the Scenic in Action which these pictures

Please Note that the Ride Operators were fine allowing us members to use cameras on the ride, and didnt have a problem with it whatsoever,so enjoy these next few pictures showing on ride views

A View down the Pleasure Beach

Another View

This Ride must be fairly new as it wasnt here 3 years ago,but I dont know quite when exactly

The Drop Tower was working today, so I managed to get a ride, It was the only ride closed when I last came in 04

The Crazy Death Ride in Action, No way will you get me on one of these things, they are so horrible looking

The Famous Walzter,Dont Ride them anymore, moving on

This was some kind of Go Karts style attraction, but I didnt do it, I think its extra on top of the wristband

Random Themeing Alert Photo on the monorail ride

And now some pretty Night Shots to finish off the update

Gt Yarmouth is a nice place to visit,It is so worth it to ride the Scenic which IMO is superb,I could have ridden it all day, and most members pretty much did just that. Riding it in the dark was superb as well, and definatly worth the trip,Its like a complety different ride,I will be back next year me thinks certaintly

Lets go to Joyland