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Great Yarmouth Pictures(27/6/04) Page 1

When arriving at the Pleasure Beach, you are presented with this view of the Scenic

Another View from the Back of the Scenic

The Train enters one of the final turns leading back to the Station

Apparently they call the Ride RollerCoaster,How Original

A View of one of the smaller Drops to the ride

A View of one of the bigger drops to the ride

The Train going up the Lift Hill

The Train going round the first major turn leading into the first main drop

Down the Drop it goes

The Train enters the final section leading into a Bunny Hop

The Train about to enter the station

An Overview of some of the Ride, I have to say the ride is excellent and has some great drops especially the first main drop, It was certaintly worth the trip

An Overview of the other half of the ride

The Other Coaster they have at Gt Yarmouth is a Big Apple Ride

Here's the Station with the train about to leave

Lets now take a tour and see what other delights Gt Yarmouth Pleasure Beach greets us with, First up is a Log Ride

Here is the final drop to the ride, Also notice the very odd Structure to the Ride that supports the drops

The Park has a Disko Ride which is a delight to see as Southend also recieved one of these but sadly I missed it there when I visited earlier in the year, Its a good ride too

Another View of the Ride
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