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North Wales and Drayton Manor Park Weekend

On the Weekend of June 16th and 17th 07, I took a Trip upto North Wales to sample some parks up there, and more especially to visit Ocean Beach in Rhyl which will close down at the end of the 2007 season to make way for a new housing development,What makes it worse is that we will lose the last remaining wooden water chute ride in England and Wales unless someone steps in to save it, and I think it will be a shame to lose it forever.Also while in Wales, I visited Greenwood Forest Park, and 2 more small Fairs in Rhyl,and on the way back,I visited a small park just outside Nottingham called Wonderland, and finished my weekend with a stopover at Drayton Manor Park. You can view Pictures and Reports from all parks below.

Greenwood Forest Park(16/6/07)
Greenwood Forest Park would be my first stop on my tour,The Main Reason for coming here would be to experience the people powered Coaster(The Green Dragon) which was unique and fun,I also got a chance to experience what other delights this small park had,View Pictures and a brief report afterwards

Knightlys Fair(16/6/07)
Knightly was a small fair along the seafront,and it was only by chance I stopped here as I happened to see signs for it,There were no coasters here, so I didnt stay for long, only to get a few pictures, and ride a few of the rides.

Ocean Beach(16/6/07)
Ocean Beach was to be the main highlight of my trip because come the end of the 2007 season, the park will close down forever to make way for new houses,It will be a shame to see this park close mainly because this place contains the last remaining Wooden Water Chute Ride,which would be a disaster if it was just demolished,View Some Pictures from its very last season, and my thoughts afterwards

Williams Fair(16/6/07)
Williams Fair would be my last stop in North Wales,as it does contain another coaster to ride,Infact there was a small powered coaster, but it was closed on my paticular visit.View Some Pictures and my thoughts

Wonderland would be a small stopover prior to Drayton loacated just outside Nottingham,Its only a small park and is mainly for familes, but there was a coaster credit here,and it would be nice to visit yet another new park in the UK,View some Pictures and a report

Drayton Manor Park(17/6/07)
Drayton would be the final stop on my tour,I havent yet visited the park this year,so this would prove a good stopover on the way back home.Crowds were fairly busy, so I didnt stay long, View Pictures from all the new attractions this year and last,and my report

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