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London pics Page 1

So I started my day off with a trip to Maddam Tussaurds, found it quite enjoyable and I'm glad I went so here are some pics of the waxworks, first up Jerry Springer,Jerry Jerry Jerry

Eastenders actors I presume, Chris Tarrent can also be seen to the left as well

David Jason and Billy Connely

Oh No, Its the Hulk and he's broke loose, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES

Indiana Jones, that ball behind him actually moved as well which is cool

Micheal Jackson I presume

Whoopi Goldburg

Maralyn Monroe

The Beatles

David Beckham, who else

George Bush and Tony Blair

Its the Queen

Richard Branson

Also went to see some idiot sitting in a box

Oh yeah, Its David Blane actually

A closer view of him in the box

He was'nt doing much in the box and only gave out the odd wave at times to guests

I still think its some kind of illusion you know, I bet its probably his twin brother or something

I bet he also has some kind of good given to him as well somehow, probably through that tube for the water.

I got a bit bored of watching David so decided to take some general snaps of London

You get some pretty good views down here by Tower Bridge

Some views on Tower Bridge

And there it is in all its glory, Its looks wonderful

Another view of London

Another view of the Bridge
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