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Thorpe Park Pics Page 1

Watched the Spiderman show today as I hadnt seen it before so I thought I would myself through the torture of watching it. This is Patrick I believe who entertained us before the show

This is part of the Set, you can also see Nemesis Inferno lurking in the background :)

More of the Huge Set, The Show was OK but not the greatest show I've seen, However the show I saw seemed to be low on staff as some of the actors played 2 parts during the show

Patrick again entertaining us, he played a few parts in the show, One being the Policeman at the start

Nemesis Inferno in Action

the train sweeping down the drop, I have to say the ride was running well with a superb crew and no brakedowns to my knowledge either

Also at the end of the day, The Ride seemed lightning fast and was a lot better than normal, Superb Stuff

One final look at Nemesis Inferno this time showing the Drop out of the station taken from the train

Here's Colossus coming down the drop, dont know whats happened to this ride recently but it seems a lot rougher than normal

The train going through the loop. Infact the only spot where it seems to be bad is the Cobra Roll, everywhere else is not too bad but it could be smoother

the train goes through the inlines

Another shot of the train coming down the drop

Colossus in most of its glory

I also took a trip to the farm today as well and found these cow sitting nearly right next to the track, Is that safe???

The farm is in the distance with a goat near to us

Now thats one BIG Goat

all together now(ahhhh) what a cute bunny rabbit, there was lots of them around too

Unfortunutly you cant go around chasing the chickens, All together now(BOOOOOOO)

Tidal Wave in the distance, Normally I never ride this but because it was a nice warm and hot day, I decided to take a ride

An overview of Tidal Wave, I got quite wet when riding it but I didnt get complety soaked but it didnt matter as I soon dryed off anyway
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