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Stealth Review

Went straight to Thorpe when park opened and ride opened just before 10AM,Queue reached 30-35 mins max all day, it was great(I just laughed at the people who payed £4 for fasttrack, when the queue was so short) One odd point of view is that the queue was shorter for all the morning, but its when it got into the afternoon that it got a bit longer(usually its always the opposite) I can only guess a lot of people thought the queue would be too long in the morning and to go in the afternoon hoping it would be shorter, but this totally worked against those people

Queue/Pre Ride - Queue Line isnt bad looking, but the Green Toxic pond is horrible give it a few months, and it will look worse when all the chavs throw their rubbish in there,also a fair amount of midges around the pond and general areas of the queue(Its not that bad at the moment, but this could be a nightmare in the summer) I love how the ride works when entering the station, the ride ops give out a little speel to hand in loose belongings into the booth, and you are given a wristband to get your belongings back, Its great,quick and it works safely without the fear of people stealing your goods, also they speed through people as fast as they can, and the ride ops at one point were trying to see how fast they could really go to speed up throughput, launches were every 1-2 mins on average.

The Ride - The Launch really is quite good indeed, you know its coming because of the 3,2,1 Go Go Go in the station, but it still catches you out, It got a really nice punch and has plenty of power in it, and really flys you down that launch track, up the top hat and you're up there very quickly, and down quickly too, but its still full of pace, and the airtime hill is very nice with a nice pop of air, and I never thought Tidal Wave would be part of a head chopper,Its odd, but even though its still far away, you go so fast you still have a bit of feeling you're going to collide with it.

The Front Row is Sooooooooooo good, If the queue is never that long, go for it, its so worth the extra queueing time, the launch is just incredible in the front blasting into the top hat and the drop down was incredible. Overall its an really good ride, Its Short,full of zip,very fast and full of fun. I've ridden TTD, but think I like this more I reckon. TTD is still amazing, but with this being small and compact, it seems to offer a more complete ride(with its short zippy launch and airtime hill) whereas TTD does have some dead track and no airtime hill of course.TTD would still win on launch alone, but Stealth wins for a more complete Overall ride

Staff/Brakedowns - Staff were excellent on Stealth, they were trying the best they could all day and it payed off bigtime with a queue of course no more than 35 mins all day. As for brakedowns, there was one lenghty 30 min brakedown with a train stuck on the final turn into unload station early afternoon, and a rather odd incident very late in the day(approx 5.30PM) as one of the gates in the station had got stuck,an engineer tryed to come and fix it,took lots of thing apart, but still couldnt fix it and at one point he said that the ride will have to closedown, but another engineer came onto the scene and both got it fixed eventually(This was GONE 6PM) anyway after a quick reset of the catchcar, the ride finally reopened at approx 6.25PM, and I got my HALF dark ride in the front car,WOW that was amazing, however Thorpe were then quite generous for the other people in the front row,Instead of being mean and ordering those in the front who waited patiently to ride to ride in another row, they still let them ride IN THE FRONT so some very lucky groups people got MORE than half a dark ride on Stealth in the front row, so the day ended with about 5 or 6 more trains ONLY with 2 members of the public in the trains each time,Lucky peeps

Stealth Area - Its really well spaced out,plenty of good photo taking oppotunities all around, and an excellent job by Thorpe, The Diner looks nice and was popular too,Love the Live DJ idea too, really nice touch by Thorpe, nice to see the Sunken Garden kept in the park, I thought it was making way for the queue line

Overall,Excellent Ride and a huge thanks must go out to the engineers who got Stealth working again after park close even though it looked might it might close,Staff were excellent too, keeping everyone entertained in that brakedown too making us do Mexican Waves

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