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Spain Trip Report

From September 8th to 14th, I went to Spain with the European coaster Club and had a fantastic time. we visited 5 parks overall and you can see reports plus lots of pictures from all the parks featured below

Tibidabo 8/9/03
Tibidabo is a very unique park situated in some mountains above Barcelona, the views you get are stunning, and the park is not bad either, Overall its a very unique park and I was impressed, View the report and pictures by clicking on the link above.

Port aventura 9/9/03-10/9/03
Port Aventura is a park I had wanted to visit for ages and I finally got that chance with the ECC, the park certaintly did not disapoint me and has some amazing themeing and rides, Dragon Khan was also very amazing, View the Report and Pictures at the link above

Terra Mitica 11/9/03
Terra Mitica is a much better park than I expected it to be, It has some amazing themeing and rides yet the 2 main coasters do let the park down slighty which is a little disapointing. It was still a good day though with an ERS and a Huge Lunch so bravo to TM. Anyway view the report and pictures at the link above

Parque De Atracciones 12/9/03
Park De Atracciones is a park I had heard very little about but have heard lots of good things about its Intermin Inverted Coaster, The Park is very nice and has a very good mixture of rides for a City Park. The park also was'nt very busy despite being told its gets busy all the time here. View the Report and pictures at the link above

Warner Brothers 13/9/03-14/9/03
Warner Brothers was a fantastic park full of great themeing and rides, they also have 2 of the best B&M Rides I've ridden, we were also suprised with an ERS on Superman on the Sunday. View the Report and Pictures at the link above

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