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Clarence Pier

Clarence Pier finally deserves a new update as a few new rides were installed back in 2012, Plus it recieved a mini star flyer for 2013 as well, so I decided to check out all the changes that has happened the past 2 years,So View some pictures that I took on the day plus read my brief review of the place afterwards
In prehaps a shock move for 2013,Clarence Pier annouced a new Star Flyer Ride for 2013

Its only a mini one of its type, but it looks a good little ride

I tryed my first ever Star Flyer ride at Plopsaland,That of course was one of the giant ones, they are very good rides, so it would be nice to try a baby brother version

Sorry there isnt many pictures of the ride actually operating, it was a quiet day so it only went round twice while I was there,Once when I rode and once in these early pictures

Its a nice little ride, and the ride program was on a fairly good setting

Here's a couple more pictures plus some onride views, the guy operating it was fine for me to use my camera

In 2012,they installed a new kiddie coaster,The Speedy Coaster :)

Its looks quite a good little coaster

I have heard that people have had trouble getting this credit, but they let me on the ride ok,They didnt want too as first but because it was quiet and when I mentioned that I was a coaster fan that just enjoys riding coasters, the guy was really nice and let me on :)

Its a decent little ride,and has a nice little curved drop near to the end,the guy also sent the ride round 5 times which was nice

A few more views of the ride

Here's a classic coaster, Skyways,My First ever coaster I rode

Its been here 30 odd years and long may it continue a bit longer

So for old times sake while I was here, I had to take another ride

I took some onride views, the ride ops again were fine with me taking my camera on board

An overview of part of the coaster

And one more overview

I think this attraction was installed in 2011, Its one of those high ropes,bridges type thing,walking along on just a harness

I havent tryed this particular one, I've done some of the Go Ape attractions so know generally what its like,It looks good fun

An old fashioned Rotor Ride, think they installed this in 2011

Its the usual, the Ride spins round, The Floor drops and you stick to the wall,Dont like spinny rides like this so avoided it

An overview of the place with the Carousel in the distance

Mini Golf in the Distance

The Carousel

The Twister Ride
Clarence Pier has much improved over the past 2 years or so,The New Coaster and now the New Star Flyer make up a good bunch of improved rides,I hope the star flyer does really well for them as I think its a good choice of ride for the park. I did feel before this time, the park went into a slow decline, but it seems to be slowly improving,the Guy I was speaking to on the Speedy Coaster said business has been pretty good recently,So hopefully things look good for the future. Onwards and upwards as they say :)

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