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Southend Pics

The American Whip, this is a kiddie Version of the once popular ride at Blackpool

The Helter Skelter

This is the Helix on the small Kiddie Coaster called Barnstormer, and it was actually very good(No Really it was)

The Very Crooked House

Green Scream in action which should be given an award for the worst name ever

Some rather nice themeing on the Mini Golf Course

Beelzee Bob's is a dark ride, and it was actually rather good believe it or not

The Water Slides at Southend(Me and Lewis were very wise not to ride these because of what happened at Fantasy Island)

A Close up of the Plane on the Mini Golf Course

The First Drop on Green Scream

A Sign for the New Coaster at Southend, and according to them, it will be twisty,bendy and fast apparently

An Overview of some of the Park with the Pier in the background

Another Pic of the Vortex style ride

A Ride like Vortex in Action

GoldMine was an odd little ride which was a bit like a Virgina Reel where you could spin the cars

The Big Wheel

Scorpian in Action, Its pretty much the same ride at Thorpe Park

Another Shot of Green Scream outside the park
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