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Adventure Island

Here we are again at Southend for another update, nothing new has really been added to the park this year, however one existing ride suddenly looks a big different

YEP, The Mighty Mini Mega has now been placed on top of a building

I'm not sure why they have done this, basiclly the building will be a new arcade, but there is an arcade already next door

Just seems a bit odd to build yet another arcade when there is one next door, and one on the other side of the park anyway

A close up of the ride on top of the new building, I like how Southend are promoting the ride with 5 added metres to the height

I dont think its going to make a lot of difference to the ride experience to be honest, but it should make it a bit more exciting I suppose

Another close up of the ride

One Final view of the new Mighty Mini Mega, we were disapointed it was'nt ready to ride, we were told it would still be a few weeks, I suspect it will be open for easter

A Overview of Adventure Island

Green Scream and Rage can both be seen

A close up of Rage

Rage is still a very good ride, yeah its short, but the way it was designed in that space is superb, big doesnt always mean perfect

More Rage, and there's a lot of work happening on the pier

Another Overview of the park

In other Park news, it seems the rumour of Green Scream being replaced by a new ride was'nt true, so the ride survives for now, the ride got stuck on the brake run near the end of the day as it was too windy, some guy had to push it into the station

A New Fish and Chips restaurant will soon be opening up near the mini golf

They are doing lots of refurbishment work on the shore end of the pier hence all of the scaffolding you saw in an earlier picture, I suspect it will be completed sometime at the end of the year

Elvis survives, for anyone wondering, he was part of the old Beezee's Bob's dark ride which I still miss a lot at Southend

This Hotel went under a massive refurbishment programme a few years ago(It was covered in scaffolding for what seemed like years) and finally it looks like its all finished although there still seems to be a bit of building work on top,It looks rather nice to look at now

For all you Rage lovers, we end the update with a few pictures of the ride in action

Do I still like Rage, Hell yeah, its such a perfect little ride, that you just want to pick it up and hug it

However is it a better ride than Speed at Oakwood, Absolutly NOT, Speed will still always be better IMO

Well is it better than Saw at Thorpe, Well again NO, because Saw will always rule supreme in the themeing stakes, and again it is a slighty better ride experience

Rage would always win for best small ride in a park though, and I think its the perfect choice of ride the park came up with

Rage entering the brake run

Rage entering the Banked Turn

Southend is always worth the visit in the off season, why cant more parks in the uk do this, its so good to get a coaster fix whenever you want. It was a shame Mighty Mini Mega was'nt open, but we will be back in the next off season for a ride definatly and to see what else is new around the park, so tune in next year for another exciting update, Ciao

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