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Adventure Island

Late 2008 saw a change to Beezee Bobs at Southend in the form of a new dark Ride called Over the Hill

Beezee Bobs will be missed by many including me as I loved the ride,so I hope this will be just as good

New singage

The scary new charactor in Over the hill

The brand new entrance, the attension to detail really is very good indeed

The new change to the castle and entrance

A View from Green Scream,read my brief thoughts about the new ride at the end of the report

It must have been some point in 2008 as well that Gold Mine recieved a nice new refit

New Themeing

New Signs

Again its not the most impressive refit ever, but it was a bit run down the old ride, and its nice to see the park freshen the ride up a bit

View a few more pictures of all the new themeing

A new bowling Alley also appeared in 2008 I believe, I didnt take a picture inside, but they have themed it quite nicely inside

Looks like they repainted the Snake Slides, didnt notice this last year

Take One last look at Green Scream in its prime, as its rumoured for 2010, the ride "could" be replaced by a launched coaster of some kind if rumours are to be believed,time will tell
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