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Adventure Island Pictures

New for 2007 at Adventure Island is Rage,a Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter and doesnt it look great

Rage will be a new custom model, and will be a bit shorter and different from Speed at Oakwood, another park is getting the same model this year in Holland

The Lift Hill

Which will drop you into this loop(Well it will be a loop anyway)

Which will then take you into this overbanked turn which is sure to be mighty intense straight after a vertical loop

Another view looking back towards the drop and loop

Construction workers were completing the overbanked turn when I was there,

The end element has to be a Helix, and here it is, tucked away in the corner there

Some Twisty Track waiting to be installed

An Overview of some of the Ride, and Oh look

That Overbanked turn went up quick in only a few hrs, infact they still needed to knock one of those pieces into place but it was soon done before the end of day

Rage does look great, but its amazing it fitted in that small space, look how compact it really is, As you may/may not know, this ride now occupies the old site of the Log Ride

Its nearly ready, Are you ready to feel the Rage

One Final Shot of the Lift Hill

Some Advertising for the Ride saying its for Super Heroes Only,Looks quite cool

Water Wars was new in 2006, This is over by the Chairswing Ride Side of the Park

Some bad Spelling mistakes here and awful punctuation,Firstly "They" shouldnt have a capital,secondly "Your'll" sounds wrong, I think it should be "You'll" ,thirdly "Round" shouldnt have a capital either and lastly in the last sentance, It should be "If he were here" instead of "If he was here",apart from all that though, Its fine :D

A nice view of Adventure Island,Aint it pretty

Now thats some major construction work, I think this is/was some big hotel thats there, hard to tell if its still open, or the Hotel is closed while it goes under major construction works,I dont know what for though.

The most Amusing Sight of the Day was these 2 Boats Stuck on the sands, obviously when the tide went out, wonder if anyone was stranded in the boats???
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