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Southend Pictures

Time for another yearly update for Adventure Island down in Southend, here is one of the new rides that appeared in 2004 called Sk8Borda

another view of Sk8borda from the Big Wheel

One final view of the ride

Another new ride that appeared in 2004 was Ramba Zamba

This is quite a good fun attraction and not too disorinating either for a spin ride

The platform swings round, while the ride swings back and forth, Its quite a unique ride as its never the same ride twice

And the other major new ride in 2004 was this drop tower, its quite a tame ride but not bad for getting a good view of some of the park

A great view of Green Scream from the top of the tower, unfortunutly this ride was closed all day today

A nice view of Barnstormer, and while a very short ride, it does have the best helix I have ever experienced on a kiddie coaster

Some slides themed as snakes, Green Scream is again seen to the left

Beezee Bob's is over there which is a dark ride and there is also the Water Slides behind it

An overview of part of the park, in the background is Green Scream,the tower ride, and the water slides

Now we come to some rather unique views of the park which were only possible thanks to a new observation tower that has been built and opened only a few days before our visit(Talk about lucky timing) in the distance is a overview of most of the park with Green Scream

A close up view of Green Scream, Its a shame this ride was'nt open today as it is probably considered the park's signiture ride

Down there is part of the Go Karts, with a spin ride behind it, and the other ride behind that is the other ride that was new in 2004,Jolly Rogers, A Kiddie Boat Ride

A better view of the Go Karts with Barnstormer in the background,and the Big Wheel to the right

A great view showing off most of the park showing The Mighty Mini Mega in the Background, along with the Dragons Claw in the bottom left hand corner,Ramba Zamba and the Dodgems in the centre. Incidently look closely at Dragons Claw and you might see that it only operates with 4 arms of seats instead of 6, I'm not sure of the reason for the change though???

One final view of the park showing off parts of the Log Ride,The Drop Tower,The water Slides and Beezee Bob's
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