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West Midlands Safari Park Pictures Page 1

We will start off seeing the First Perminant attraction of a Mini Rapids Ride in a park

A view of some of the ride, this part leads to the main drop

A Large Banner behind the ride gives out the name,Also notice the Hut in the middle of the ride for themeing

Another View of the Hut in the middle of the ride

A View of the station,Some nice themeing outfront too

A View of a boat coming down the main drop

And a boat making a splash at the bottom

This is the best I could do getting a full circuit picture,These rides are actually quite good IMO, and fits in perfectly to West Midlands Safari Park,I now only wish Paultons Park(My local Park) would get one

Another view of some of the ride

One Final View of the ride,with a look at one of the boats which as you may be able to work out fit upto 4 people,and with 5-6 boats on circuit,Capasity is quite good,Was never a problem on the day I was here though,Was pretty much walk on all the time

Now we come to the Coasters,This is Wall's Twister Ride

Its called this because its themed to the Ice lolly Company Wall's(See the Supports)

A View of one of the trains going down the main drop

Another Side view of the ride

A View of most of the ride,Basiclly its a Spinning Wild Mouse,Riding on your own can be fun as you seem to spin more

Another Coaster they have here is a Big Apple Coaster named, The African Big apple

So Overall, just your usual standard Big Apple Coaster,although on this one, the small trim on the drop is turned on which is stupid

A Complete view of the Ride

The Last Coaster we get to see is The Rhino Coaster

Speeding around one of the banked corners
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