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Paultons Park

We finally make it to Paultons for the 2012 season and we better concentrate first on the new attraction for 2012 which is Magma, the new Drop Tower

Its a good little ride and I think a good choice for the park

And it fits in quite well to the now thrill section of the park with Cobra and the Edge all in one area

New Signs for Magma,Also all rides around the park have been updated to this style signage and I'm pretty sure it was'nt like this last year so this is all new around the whole of the park, anyway enjoy a few more pics of Magma, and I will deliver a brief review at the end of my report

Some themeing inside the Magma Queue line

Some new themeing outside the ride too

Cobra and Magma together

A couple of aerial views from the top of Magma

A shot of the Chairswing in Action

An Aqua Zorbs attraction has appeared next to the Chairswing, and I think it was new in 2012 sinse I definatly see it there last year, however it doesnt appear on the map, so it might have been something they only added in early summer, and it will be a full new attraction for 2013

This is new for 2012 but yet again it doesnt appear on the map,Its a new decoractive garden bit which appeared next to the Snakes and Ladders garden that appeared in 2011

Enjoy a few shots of the new Walk Through Garden

This is also new in 2012, Its a new Railroad Diner which has replaced the Magic Forest Attraction

It was'nt open on the day so I dont know what its like and I think its Takeaway only which is why they have created this new covered Seating outside, Good for extra seating with the other restaurant next door too

Another shot of the new seating area

Now lets concentrate on 2013 news, So Paultons will be creating a whole new entrance area with new Admission Kiosks,A new Toy Shop ,a new Restaurant, and a new Guests Services building, It will be a big 2 years project with the entire project completed for the 2014 season

Some work has already stated on it some with framework going up

It looks to cover a fair bit in front of the old entrance, and it looks like some of the car park area will be lost because of it, but I believe improvements to the overall car park will be done to compensate for the loss of some of it

Lots of Dirt :D

Another shot of construction

One final look

This was the old Roman Life Museum, Its now offically all closed down

But come 2013, the building is to be put to good use, and will be home to a new 4D cinema, this is a good move for the park as I do feel it desperatly needs a good indoor attraction as there is pretty much nothing to do if it rains at the park

There is more work going on for 2013, New Toilets,A First Aid Centre, and Disabled Toilets

And Its all going in this building, this was the old Village Life Museum that was to the right hand side in the plaza as you entered the park

Paultons has yet improved really well again in the 2012 season, The New Drop Tower Magma is a nice little ride and fits in well to the park, It is a nice step up from the mini drop towers they currently already have, I thought the spinning of the seats was a nice touch, I didnt realise it did this, and the drop sequences although obviously not extreme are nice enough to give a gentle thrill and the new views of Cobra and The Edge from the top are good. General opinions I got from kids and others riding it were well received.

Its nice to see Paultons keeping up their reputation of "always adding something new every season" and 2013 will be good with the introduction of the 4D cinema, this is something I feel the park desperatly needs, because if its rains, there is sadly NOTHING whatsoever to do thats indoors(expect for the Indoor Play area in Peppa Pig World I suppose) but this will be the first proper indoor attraction so it is welcome, also with the host of other good improvements for 2013, the future is yet again looking very bright for Paultons

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