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Paultons Park Pictures(28/3/04) Page 1

Paultons Park has recieved new drop towers this year, one for adults and another one for smaller children, this is Jumping Bean(The one for adults)

And this one is Jumping Jack, the one for the kids

The 2 Towers look good together and are a good choice for the park, adults are actually free to ride both towers if they wish

The two towers from a distance

Another view this time from the top of Wave Runner, Incidently Jumping Bean was suffering a few brakedowns on the day and was down for quite a while at times

The other new attraction this year is a penguin enclosure, this were due to come mid 03 but obviously got delayed until this year

And here are some of the Penguins(aint they cute) obviously they are quite young and we were told they were only bred last year which means they wont start breading until at least 2006

This play area is going under a re-development and will be turned into Percy's Playhouse for mid 04, so I suspect they will try and have it ready for Mid July ready for the busy summer months

And it looks like they have more plans throughout the 04 and 05 season with a new waterworld area for Flamingoes,pelicans and waterfowl, the park actually does have some flamingoes but the area they have is not very big, so obviously this will be a much bigger area for them

Time to see a few more rides in the park, This is wave Runner which opened last year, Its very good and hardly has a queue unlike the one at Thorpe, Also they dont have members of staff at the bottom to put the boats on the belt, you push it down there yourself (Very unique)

Another view of Wave Runner

Viking Boats Ride

The Pirate Ship

the Tea Cups Ride

This is The Flying Frog Rollercoaster which also opened last year
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