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Paultons Park Pics Page 1

When I arrived at Paultons, I was greeted with the site of one of their new rides for 2003 called Wave Runner

An overview of the tower for the ride

And here it is in more detail, As you can see Its pretty much the same as Depth Charge at Thorpe Park

Probably the best picture angle I could find to fit the whole ride in 1 Photo

The Ride was great fun even if it was short, and was unique because it didnt have a ride op at the bottom, Instead when you finished the ride, you pushed your boat down the track in the middle of the ride yourself

A Picture of the Viking Boats Ride from the top of Wave Runner

Paultons also have a rather nice Pirate Ship

The Ride is actually quite good considering Its a Kiddie One and just about delivers a small amount of airtime

A Nice lightly themed Teacups Ride, I didnt ride this however as I normally get sick on these types of ride

Here Is One of the Two coasters that the park has, This one was called The Stinger

The Train enters the final turn before it heads into the Station

The Train executes the First Drop, You get a nice little bit of airtime here if you sit in the back seat :)

The Train entering the Helix

An Shot looking down the station

The Train entering the Lift Hill, You may notice that the train is so long, that the whole train actually fits onto the entire Lift Hill

The Train exits the Helix and heads back towards the station, Also notice the nice landscaping in the middle of the coaster

May I present the First Pictures on the Internet of Paultons New Coaster, The Flying Frog

The Coaster is actually very short, here we see the train going down the small drop, and the turn you see nearest to you is the banked turn that leads directly into the station

A Shot looking down the station with the short lift hill at the end, also notice the nice little safety feature of the gates at the back of the station, this is obviously to prevent a child accidently walking off the drop at the back

Here is the train in a bit more detail, and entering the final turn before the station, As you can see the Train is themed like a Frog :D
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