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Ohio Trip Report

From October 16th to the 19th October, I went back to Ohio to go back to Cedar Point, and also SFWOA, I was going to go to PKI but it was'nt open on Fridays which is why I made the change to SFWOA, Of course the main reason of this trip was to ride Top Thrill Dragster but would it live upto my expectations, you will have to wait and see and read the Report

Six Flags World of Adventures 17/10/03
I was'nt orginally going to go back to this park, but I thought it would be the best way as PKI was closed on Fridays which left me with 2 full days at Cedar Point instead. SFWOA proved to be a fairly good evening with some very low crowds but it was'nt quite as good as I had hoped, Read the Report and then view some pictures at the link above

Cedar Point 18/10/03-19/10/03
The main reason to go back to this park was to ride Dragster, but would it live upto my expectations,Read and find out, there was also opptunuites to get on all the other coasters I enjoyed last time I was here and enjoy Wicked Twister which was also new to me. Saturday was quite busy but Sunday was'nt too bad. View a report and them see over 100 pictures from my visit here

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