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SeaBurn Park

My First Stop on my weekend up at NewCastle is SeaBurn Park in Sunderland which has a good looking pinfari Coaster

There's the Coaster,However does something not look quite right to you??

YEP, it looks like the park has been deserted and at worse,Closed Down, NOOOOO

There's still a few rides standing though including the one off to the right which looks like a Vortex style ride, and of course the Coaster

And there's some kind of chair swing plane style ride

The Park definatly looks like its closed down, as it does look a little bare

And this picture pretty much confirms that SeaBurn Park has offically closed down as of the 2008 season

The Park definatly operated in 2007 though,and the place had another coaster in the form of a big apple coaster, but thats now gone and no where to be seen

Also the Coaster has been hit by constant problems,it was meant to debut a few years ago, but there has been various construction and building delays, TBH I dont even know if the coaster has fully operated yet

I'm pretty sure the park isnt going to open this year at all, as it all looks in a very unfit state, and as its past the Easter Holidays, I think we can safely say its not going to operate anytime soon,There isnt any notices to say the park has closed down though which is odd

Such a sad state of affairs to see another UK park closed down, I really wanted to ride that coaster

Another Ride still standing,Some type of Rocket Ride

The UK has been hit badly recently,what with the news of Metroland in the MetroCentre closing down, SeaBurn closing, Plus the rides at the New Pleasureland at SouthPort not operating beyond the end of 2008,Its looks to be tough times ahead, and makes you worried what the future holds for some parks in the future for the UK. I guess we can only hope for a Brighter Future

Lets go to Ocean Beach