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A Tribute to MetroLand

It is with very sad news to report that Metroland at the MetroCentre has now closed down as of April 20th 2008,MetroLand is the small Amusement Park that operated in the Metrocentre,It had operated for a good 20 years(I dont know exactly how long) so it had done well over the years, however due to decline over the years, and lack of investment,It was decided that the park would make way for additional retail space,Thankfully this was annouced in January 2008 which enabled most people a chance to get up there before it closed its doors forever,So please now enjoy my tribute to MetroLand,The UK's Only indoor Amusement Park

Here we are at MetroLand

Welcome to The New MetroLand, At First it was just called Metroland, but in 1996 Arlington Leisure took over the place,Invested heavily into the place, and renamed it as The New Metroland

Lets Enter Metroland

First Up,We better look at what we've come here mainly to ride, Its the New RollerCoaster, I think at First it was just called RollerCoaster, but the renamed it when Arlington Leisure stepped in.So at the start of the ride, it would go off to the left,Up the Lift Hill Tunnel, and into the Drop

The Drop is rather nice and thrilling

Sit in the back seat and you get a rather nice small pop of airtime

Its definatly been designed just right for a good thrill

One Final View of the Drop which leads into ....

The Helix

Certaintly Its the best part of the Ride

Its leads into some good interaction with the other rides nearby and people walking underneath

An Overview of the Helix

A View of the Helix from the Big Wheel

A Train thunders out of the Helix

Apologies for a few shots out of Focus, Its was'nt always easy to take some good pictures,Sometimes my camera doesnt like taking pitures inside

See what I mean, I like the arty effect it caused though here

The Train then comes out of the Helix

Leading into a straight section

which then leads into ....

Another Helix

It takes this helix with a slighty slower pace, but its still fun, It then goes into another Lift Hill

Which leads to the end section of the ride which consists of a few mini airtime hills

Unfortnutly they dont really create any airtime, but it does add up to a nice end to the ride

From here, its leads up and goes sraight back into the station

Where it then goes around again, so you get 2 laps round, woohoo

I thought it was a fantastic little coaster, It just goes to show you that size nor apperance matters to make a ride good, I went on this ride 6 times which easily payed for the cost of my Wristband
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