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London Winter Wonderland

I havent been to Winter Wonderland for a few years so I felt an overdue visit was in order, This event has grown in popularity over the years and is now a permiment fixture in London every year over christmas, and they always keep promising to be bigger and better each year, This year saw the promise of a New Coaster to the Event Not seen before in the UK, so I felt it was worth a visit, View the Pictures and then my thoughts afterwards
Welcome to Winter Wonderland

We made it, YAY

You can tell nearly from just this one shot how busy this event gets nowadays.

there was also a tradional Market selling all sorts of stuff

A View of the Rides

I spy some Rollercoasters over there ;)

And a good looking Drop Tower and Booster Ride

A look down the Midways

Look how busy it is, Sure this was taken on a bank holiday, but WOW Its amazing to see how many people were here on the day

I will leave now for you to enjoy various shots around the event and shots of the rides up close, ENJOY :)

Its amazing how popular this event has suddenly become over the years, What started out as a fairly small event has really grown in popularity and size. Of course this year saw the introduction of a new Coaster, The inverted Wild Mouse, I would saw it was ok but it was nothing special,Some say these rides can be rather rough, but I didnt find it too bad.

So the only other attractions we tryed were Pirates Adventure and Alpen Hotel,Pirates Adventure was a Walk Through attraction with themed rooms and special effects in all of them, Its quite well done and definatly worth the time to do it, Me and my friend were told to definatly do Alpen Hotel, It is a New Fun House which makes its first appeareance at the Event, again it was very good, and had a few neat suprises up its sleeve, and had a few elements/suprises that you would not normally see in a Normal Fun House, Good Fun indeed.

Overall the event was really good and the attractions we tryed were a lot of fun, We would have tried more attractions, but its quite expensive to visit here as the 3 we tryed alone cost just over £10 for those(YIKES) I think if we tryed to ride everything, we would have had to take out a loan ;)

As said Its been fun, and I look forward to hopefully a visit next year again, Bring it on :)
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