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Legoland Viking River Splash

It finally gives me great pleasure to annouce that the Viking River Splash Rapids at Legoland UK finally opened to the public on 18th August,The Ride has been hit with construction delays, and missed a few opening deadlines,so its been a long time coming,So has it been worth all the hype, and is it finally a worthwhile ride for Legoland and a vital high capasity ride the park desperatly needs,Read my thoughts and review at the end,and in the meantime view these pictures of the ride finally operating taken on 19th August.

Finally, The Land of the Viking Area at Legoland is now OPEN

Of Course the ride we are all here for is the Viking's River Splash Rapids Ride which has just been built

You dont really want me talking all over the pictures, so I will leave you in piece for a while to view the Ride in action,ENJOY

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