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Its been a while sinse we've had an update from Legoland, and for 2013, Legoland were very busy indeed adding a few new attractions, and giving a existing attraction a much needed refit/refurbishment, So we will get to see everything thats happened around the park in 2013, Plus look at a few other changes that have happened around the park over the past 2 years or so

Before we look at all the 2013 Changes, Lets have a look at some other changes around the park, First up is a relocation of a ride that used to be over near Atlantis

At least I assume this ride has relocaed here,Its now called Knights Quest. I dont think I'm going mad

Possibly some new lego themeing, again not sure, just somehow maybe I've never noticed it before

Sometime over the past year or two(Not sure when) they have rethemed their ferris wheel, looks nice

These gaming stalls look different in the Lego Raiders area

An overview of the area

We now move into 2012 with a look at the new Lego Hotel

We couldnt get access to all the Hotel, so here are a few views of some of the areas we were allowed to look around, It all looks rather nice

We will now look at all the changes that have happened in 2013,Firstly Lego Racers was finally no more, and the attraction is now home to a perminant Walk Through Star Wars attraction

I think its all done rather nice, Enjoy a nice picture walkthrough through the entire attraction

We now finally look at the changes that have happened around the park in 2013, First up is a complete refurbishment/refit of Fairy Tale Brook

Basiclly the whole ride has been given a big refurbishment with a few new scenes and a new look. We will now take a tour looking at the new ride, See if you can spot what scenes are new :)

Yet another new 4D Movie has appeared in the 4D Cinema, so now there are 4 films to choose throughout the day, The New Movie is Lego Chima which was quite good I thought

A New Model advertising the new Movie

Some Posters advertising the new show

Finally We come to the major Change that happened in 2013,This is the new Area, Duplo Valley, Its a huge Water Splash and Play Area. There's a small area for smaller Kids and a Bigger Structure for bigger Kids

A few pictures follow of both new areas,It all look rather good fun

Legoland have been busy throughout the 2013 Season, The New Star Wars Walk Through Attraction is all very well done, and is a worthy replacement to Lego Racers. the New Fairy Tale Brook looks nice and felt enjoyable again, It did need a bit of a refresh as it did all look a little outdated. The New 4D Show "Lego Chima" I thought was quite good, and is another worthy addition to the already 3 shows they are currently showing, and the new Duplo Valley Splash Area looks very good indeed. Overall a very busy season for Legoland, and everything looks really nice around the park, Its been an enjoyable visit,plus it was nice to look around the new Hotel. New in 2014 will be a refit to the Log Ride apparently so we will look forward to that.

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