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Legoland 2008 Season

Here we are at Legoland for the 2008 season, Here we are looking down at the new path into the park that leads directly to the rapids, Finally there are now 2 ways to enter/exit the park

Some new Lego Themeing on the new path

More New Lego Themeing

They have now installed a proper queue line on the rapids as you see here, last year it just had ropes along the ride making it look a bit cheap

The Ride looks a lot more presentable this year, last year it looked like it was done in a rush job, but now they have done work around the ride so it doesnt show as much concrete

Also these new views of the ride are due to new viewing windows installed in the exit path

It definatly looks a lot better, however some effects were not working on the ride which was a tad disapointing

A New View of the Maze

This is one of the features not working, The end buckets pouring water on the boat, the orginal plans had a huge bucket which would tip water onto you, but they changed it to smaller Buckets

Some Posters have gone up in the queue line, and you can win things too

More New Facts and Posters, One of the new viewing windows is just off to the right hand side

One Final View of the new look rapids

It definatly looks a lot better, Its still a very wet ride and rather a tad bumpy though

Here's the new ride for 2008,The LongBoat Invader

The Ride was due to arrive in 2007,A queue line and everything was built but obviously got delayed for some reason,they temporarily put a food stand in the area when the new area opened last year

Some new Lego Themeing for the new ride

Another View of the new Themeing

And More New Lego Themeing, WOOHOO, Cant remember seeing this last year so this could be only new this year too

And more View of the new ride follow

I liked the new ride, but they are just like any other rocking tug really,also this ride was on rather a short setting

View a few more pics of the ride in action

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