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Holland 2007 Trip Reports

From September 20th to 23rd, I went to Holland with the ECC, We visited 4 parks consisting of Toverland,Efteling,Drievliet and Plopsaland, Toverland was to be the highlight of the trip trying out the new wooden coaster Troy, but did it live up to the hype. We were due to try out the Flying Dutchman at Efteling, but sadly they closed it down before our visit because of constant technical problems the park has had with the ride when it opened. We also Tryed out Formule X at Drievliet, The new Launched X-Car Coaster, and then we visited Plopsaland on the way back from Holland, You can read some reports from all the new rides, and parks, Plus there are pictures from all parks too

Toverland 20/9/07
Toverland is a fantastic place, and has now got better with the introduction of Troy, a new wooden coaster which we were all looking forward to trying out, this was sure to be the highlight of the trip, so we were really hoping it wouldnt disapoint any of us, View Some Pictures of the new ride, and read my thoughts afterwards

Efteling 21/9/07
Efteling is one of those parks you want to pick up and cuddle in your arms, Its so amazing and charming than you just cant fail to love the place, Its so wonderful. We were due to try out The new Flying Dutchman Ride, but sadly the park closed the ride due to numerous technical problems, the park made up for things though by giving us a behind the scenes tour of the ride,so it was nice to see all the themeing, and amazing themed indoor queue line. View some Pictures of the tour, Plus some other pictures around the park

Drievliet 22/9/07
Drievelt may be only a small family park, but now the park has gone hitech with their new coaster Forumule X, The new XCar launched Coaster, this is a brand new concept from Maurer Sohne , so it would be interesting to see how it pays off for them, We also had plenty of time to experience the rest of the park, and try out the Powered Mine Train which was still under construction last time I came here, View Pictures of all the coasters, Plus my thoughts of Formule X

Plopsaland 23/9/07
This was going to be an extra stopover on the way back home.Plopsaland is a great park which has quite a few interesting and varied rides including a StarFlyer, and a Powered Mine Train that errr crosses over its log flume 7 times, There's also a Super Splash Water Coaster with a very unique feature not usually seen on most rides like this. View Plenty of Pictures showing off the park, Plus read my thoughts afterwards

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