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Holland Trip Reports

From May 6th - 9th, I went to Holland with the ECC, I had always wanted to visit Holland for 2 main parks which were Efteling and Six Flags Holland(Now Walibi World) and finally I would get that chance along with a visit to Toverland and a suprise 4th bonus park on the last day. It turned out to be an excellent trip with Goliath probably being the best coaster on the trip, Read Reports from all parks, and view lots of photos as usual

Toverland 6/5/05
Toverland is a great little place which is a big mix of indoor/outdoor attractions, and it works really well,there are not many big thrill rides here, but it does have the booster Bike coaster which is pretty good and a powered bobsled which are usually seen in Germany, Read my report first, and then view pictures afterwards

Efteling 7/5/05
Efteling is a charming little park full of great themeing and rides, All the rollercoasters are well maintained and very smooth and its also a great place if you're a dark ride fan too as there is plenty on offer, Read my trip report, and view pictures from the park

Walibi World 8/5/05
Walibi World was probably the best park I was looking forward too mainly because of Goliath, and it certaintly did not disapoint me, I also thought Robin Hood was a really good woodie too,Read my report from the park and view the pictures

Drievelt 9/5/05
This was a suprise bonus 4th park visit as a little stopover on our long way back to England, Its a small family park and we only had 2hrs here, 1hr of which where we were allowed the whole park to ourselves with most rides open before the public were allowed in. View a short report, and then view pictures

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