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Klondike at Hayling Island

Well here it is, in all its Glory and very nearly completed. Klondike at Hayling Island

The Ride looks nice in its new home, and it even looks like its had a repaint

Thats the turn and drop that will lead to the loop

Another near perfect view of all the ride

Here we see the ride looking from a side on view

I took this odd looking picture to show that the ride WONT have the small tunnels on it like it did at Drayton, this is a shot of one of the last turns, and where the tunnel would be.

Just a final note, the ride is very nearly finished, and only the station needs finishing which still isnt ready, so it will be touch and go weather the ride will be ready for February half term week(It will be very tight) Also it looks like where the unload station was at Drayton will now be the main station at Hayling so it looks like there offically wont be any unload station now.Further updated pics of Klondike will follow just as soon as it offically opens :)

Update 19/3/05 - I am now pleased to annouce that Klondike at Hayling Island is now offically open to the public, it opened on 19th March 2005, and I was lucky to be there for opening day, All the orginal features of the ride remain the same at Hayling(The name,the tunnels,the arch at the top of the lift hill, the loading station, and the unload station) so its good to see Hayling not change anything. the Ride has even been given a new paint job to go with it too.

The ride is still a little rough, but does seem more rideable than it was at Drayton. At least one plus point is that you dont have to queue for the ride here unlike at Drayton when queue times were always horrendous, with a slow operation.

And now without further delay, here are the first operating pictures on the net of Klondike at its new home in Hayling Island,ENJOY

Klondike now offically reborn

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