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Hayling Island 2008 Season

We havent been down to Hayling Island for a while, but there's been a few changes down at Hayling for the 2008 Season,so we better take a look at whats been happening down there. Basiclly when Drayton Manor Park announced Thomas Land, Drayton needed to shift most of the rides in the former Robinson Land, and because Drayton and Hayling share a good relationship having brought Klondike off them a few years ago,Hayling were only too happy to help them out and offload some of their rides down south

The Super Dragon Coaster now has a new home down at Hayling Island

The Ride has been placed in what was their small car park area which is now totally out of bounds for cars parking here

It good to see the ride fit into a nice new home, Its a nice little ride this coaster, and we never want to see a coaster go on the scrap heap despite how big/small it is

The Train looked good as new, so I dont know if Hayling has given the train a good clean or something, but it looked nice

I hope this ride and the others new ones do well for Hayling, Its not easy for Hayling to expand their ride area, so this should do the park really well, It was fairly busy when I was down there

Go Dragon Go

More Dragon Action

There's not really an angle to fit the whole ride in 1 photo, this is the best I could manage really

Tornado has had a refit,Well actually it happened a year or two ago

Basiclly I think they have problems with the previous ride, and put in a proper new ride, but same model

And so a new ride come with a new name,Tornado 2, Its a really good ride, I sometimes like these smaller models as you get more airtime,and the high seat more often

Here's another one of the new rides from Drayton, Hayling Previously had a Aeroplane Ride that replaced this

Another Ride from Drayon, The Frog Hopper, nicely tucked in a corner here next to the Arcade

This is from Drayton as well, The Park did have a Little Mini Pirate Ship but I guess wanted to replace it with a new model

And the Final Ride from Drayton are the WhirlyCopters

I cant remember if they were this colour at Drayton, but again it all looked very new, and each car painted

I couldnt help but notice this in the middle of the Log Ride because its never been there before??Could they be creating a small Go Karts Track I wonder??

There used to be a ride here I believe, although I still dont know what actually was there, It hasnt been used for a while, so they've put in some remote control boats in there for now to put it to good use

And despite a rumour I heard they were going to get rid of the Drop Tower, Its still here, and still Operating so maybe its staying a while yet??

Its nice to see Hayling Island trying to keep the place fresh, They havent put in anything new for a while, so these new rides from Drayton should hopefully make the place feel like new again, I really hope the place survives for quite a while into the future as well, We obviously keep hearing stories of places closing down in the UK, so I would hate it to happen to Hayling Island especially as its one of my local places where I live down south so heres to the Future down at Hayling,CHEERS

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