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Gullivers Milton Keynes

On February 26th, The ECC Visited Gullivers Milton Keynes for the annual AGM, Sadly the park was closed which meant no riding however the park was kind enough to lay on a nice Behind the Scenes Tour of the park and going into some areas the public isnt allowed, It was great to look around a park deserted so enjoy a very unique picture tour around the park

Overall it was a nice day and we had a really good insight into how the park operates and going into areas you cant usually get too, This is also a park you cant visit as a single adult as you need a child to visit so although we couldnt ride the coasters(I have already ridden them anyway ;) ) It was nice to have a good explore around a park which isnt accessable to just anyone. Thanks go out to the ECC for a nice day and to Gullivers Milton Keynes for allowing us to visit.
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