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ECC Germany Trip Reports

From July 24th to August 1st 2004, I visited Germany with the ECC to visit some of the finest theme parks in the world and also visit some less well known ones too, It proved to be an excellent trip but a very exausting one too, We visited about 10 parks plus there was a few extra suprises along the way too, View Reports from all parks we visit plus see photos from nearly every park we visited as well.

Hansa Park and Hamberg DOM (24/7/04)
Hansa Park was a park virtually unknown to me and many others, however it proved to be a very nice park with some good themeing, some very unique rides and some good coasters too. We had very limited time at the park but still managed to fit in everything we wanted to do as the park was'nt too crowded despite it being a Saturday, After Hansa Park we did the Hamberg DOM Fair, It proved to be pretty good, but It was'nt quite so good after visiting the much more impressive Stuggart Fair 2 years earlier. View the Reports from Hansa Park and the Fair First and then View the Pictures

Heide Park (25/7/04)
Heide Park was one I was definatly looking forward too to visit because of Colossos, It was an awesome ride and it was worth waiting for, The Rest of the Park was very nice with a lot of good rides, but half of the day was ruined by rain and I found there was'nt any indoor attractions which was a bit disapointing. Anyway Today was'nt very crowded at the park probably because of the rain, and I experienced a evacuation on the Bobsled Coaster which was great. View the Report and then view Pictures from the Park.

Fort Fun and Apline Coaster (26/7/04)
Fort Fun was a park I had not heard much about but it was a delighful little park with some good rides and lovely scenery. Once again it rained for most of the day which ruined things a little, but it kept the crowds away again and it more or less felt that we had an entire Park Exclusive Session which was great because every ride was walk on, afterwards it was onwards to an Apline Coaster not far away from Fort fun for a 2hr ERS(WOW) There are Reports from both places, but only Pictures from Fort Fun I'm afraid(My Camera Battery Ran out unfortnutly)

Warner Brothers Germany and Centro Park (27/7/04)
I Was'nt totally looking forward to this park as most German members seem to avoid it and now I know why, Its a horrible operated Park with Most Coasters on 1 train operation,Very Rude Staff,Rides/attractions that open late and Rides that lack big potential, there are a few saving graces for the park, but not many I'm afriad. It was made worse when the park was quite crowded too, and this meant I missed out on 1 coaster credit here. Afterwards me moved onto Centro Park, A Small Park located behind a Shopping Mall with a Unique Wild Mouse Ride. View Reports From Both Places, and View Pictures at both parks too

PhantasiaLand and Klotten (28/7/04)
I was really looking forward to PhantasiaLand and was hoping this park would be a highlight of the trip and it truely didnt disapoint. The Park is wonderful with a lot of great rides and themeing, and the ERS on the Winja's was brilliant, the park is also home to a lot of Dark Rides too which is good to see. Afterwards we went onto a park called Klotten to ride another new coaster built this year which wa pretty good. View Reports from both parks, but there are pictures from PhantasiaLand only, Once again my camera decided to die on me after my visit to PhantasisLand, however there is a link to pictures of the Coaster at Klotten in the Report

Holiday Park and Europa Park(29/7/04)
Another Visit to Holiday Park to Ride Expedition Ge Force,However this time the once great coaster was'nt quite so great and its still being operated very poorly too which is sad to see, We didnt have long at the park but it was still enough to do everything comfortably. We also went onto Europa Park afterwards for a few hrs as it was open till 8PM and we were treated to rides on EuroSat with the Lights on, View Reports from both parks, but there are pictures from Holiday Park only after this report, Europa Park Pictures will follow on the next update

Europa Park(30/7/04)
Time to visit probably the best theme park in the world for 10hrs, Europa Park is quite simply amazing from the themeing,staff, shows and rides, Also their queue lines are probably the fastest moving queue lines in the world and probably beat Cedar Point and thats really saying something, It was truely a great day with a ERS on Silverstar thrown in on 2 train operation. View the Report and then view pictures showing off this amazing park.

Skyline Park and LegoLand Germany(31/7/04)
A Double Visit today to Skyline Park and LegoLand Germany. Skyline Park was a delightful little park and has a few good attraction, also all attractions are included in the entrance price including a Booster,Bungee and Go Karts. LegoLand Germany was'nt so great however, Too few attractions, Too compact and No atmosphere despite it being busy, The other LegoLand Parks are much better compared to this one. View Reports from Both Parks and then View Pictures from both parks too

TripsDrill would finish off our trip in Style, this is a great little park with a little gem of a coaster of which we had a 1hr ERS on, The Log Ride is also a delight with Its Bath themed logs and the Rapids isnt too bad either. We also had a lunch here too which was nice, View A Report from TripsDrill and then View the Pictures afterwards

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