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ECC France Trip Report

Saturday 29th April

Once again, It was time to go to France for another coaster trip, this was a short weekend break to Foir De Trone in the centre of Paris,Parc Asterix,Jardin De Jardin d’Acclimatation, and a suprise park on the way back.

We took the ferry over this time as opposed to Eurostar,the Trip was pleasent and plain sailing,and went quick, also when we were about to come off, we saw an odd sign that looked like the ship had a swimming pool

You see, it looks like the ship has a swimming pool with Slide ;) the sign actually means This way to Water Escape Chute with Dingy" obviously for a sea evac if nessecary

When we got to France, We started to make the long journey to Paris,Its quite a long distance by coach and seems to take forever, and it was'nt helped by Traffic as we approached Paris(and I thought London was bad) when we were trying to find our way, I saw some advertising on the side of a bus that proves anything goes in France

Those crazy French, Do Advertising Rules not exist here or something,Would this be allowed in the UK,Hell NO

We also learned something else about the French People, they dont care where they park their cars and will park just about anywhere, here are 2 amazing examples

So this person has parked on the corner obviously causing an obstruction to traffic turning left, certaintly a big no no in the UK

I kid you not, this car was PARKED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD, I mean WTF, this is just bizarre, such crazy actions in the UK would see your car instantly towed away, but maybe its allowed in France, I dunno

When we finally found our hotel, We had a quick pit stop, and it was straight off to the Fair, Now I've done the Foir De Trone before, and was'nt immediatly impressed the first time, but things can always improve something second time around so I was willing to give it another chance

First Stop was King, The Fair Signiture Coaster, I say that as its hard to miss really and its quite a decent size, Now when I rode this in 2003, The Trains had lapbars, and overall it was a fantastic ride, Now the ride is complety ruined and has OTSR(WTF) the reason for this change is unknown, and its a huge shame as the ride is now absolutly awful giving a lot of headbanging which is hard to avoid as well, I dont think any of our members re-rode this, and we all came off holding our ears because of the pain. It really was that bad.

Most of us in a group then went round trying to do all the other coasters of which there was another 5 of them,so next stop was Inferno Toboggan, which is a standard big pinfari model,This is a particully good one,very smooth still, and has a tunnel over the second main drop.

Speedy Gongalzes was like a clone of the Dragon Coaster at Flamingoland, but has an added drop before the piece of track goes over the station roof(very odd) you also got about 5 laps round. The Wild Mouse was just like any standard spinning mouse. Jamming was unique, Its a powered coaster which has controlled spinning on the cars, Its a really odd model, but I thought it was OK. They also had a Big Apple Coaster which was just like any other I've ridden basiclly but with a big inflatible model in the middle of the ride, they also use the trim on the drop, whats the point

The Rest of the Fair contained all your usual standard of Ghost Trains(Some with love actors),Flat Rides,Fun Houses,Kid Rides, you name it, Infact the choice of rides was very good as I remember like last time and there was a few new additions too, One including a Portable Rapids, and a ride that was Half Slammer and Half Samurai, It looked bizarre and looked incredibly intense,You will get to see it in the Pictures. There was also a Tower Ride where like the high Chair Swing Rides, you rode in harnesses instead like what you do on a SkyCoaster, Odd looking ride, and scared the crap out of me, and safe to say, I never had the guts to try it.

I think I have to say overall, The Fair was much better than last time, There was a much better atmosphere around the place, there seemed more choice of rides, and the whole place was buzzing really,Dare I say it, it nearly felt as good as a German fair this time around, Just a shame about King though, If it had been left the same as it was years ago with the lapbars,It would be more than perfect, a good job all around here though, and very enjoyable.

Sunday 30th April

Today was Parc Asterix, so it was a fairly early start as we needed to be there for a morning ERS on Zeus,while boarding the coach however waiting to depart, we saw something rather odd on our skylight window

Somehow, this bird/pigeon was found dead on our skylight window, How it got there though remains a complete mystery?

On arrival at Asterix, we arrived a bit too early, so there was a wait for our ERS, however it soon came around, and we soon went down for our 30 mins ERS on Zeus, What can I say Zeus is still incredible, and one of the best woodies I have ever experienced, The ride doesnt let up from start to finish and its an amazing ride, I am so dead jelous of the French of having such a good woodie,I absolutly love it.

Time was quite short at Asterix as we were due to leave around 4PM to visit Jardin d’Acclimatation in Paris which has a few more coasters. So it meant quick dashes around the park to fit in as much as we could before lunch. We all agreed on doing Transdemonium,The Indoor Dark Ride, This is ride designed by a member in the club, and I think its a really good ride,has some clever suprises along the way and a unique ending.

Gouderix was next, Now last time I didnt think this coaster was that bad, and once again I thought the same, not sure why everyone hates this coaster, I find it generally good, The First element to the ride is indeed horrible and looks like it was designed/constructed all wrong, but the rest of the ride was perfectly OK IMO, Its certaintly a ride I could re-ride, but I didnt bother today only because of the limited time we had in park,Infact the ride went down later in the day, but I assume it was only because of the heavy rain that was encounted midday

Next We went round to Trace Du Hourra, The Queue looked long, but moved very fast, and was all down to a slick and fast operation,Infact its so fast that 2 trains are usually constantly on the lift hill, This is IMO the best bobsled coaster out there,Plenty of Good turns,thrills and alltogether produces a great ride. Next up was Oxygénarium, now this was a ride I was gutted to miss last time because it broke down a lot, however this time thankfully the ride operated fine, and most of us got to ride,Its a good fun ride especially in a big group,This seems a shorter models than others I've seen, but it was still fun.

Next I was on the hunt for a hidden coaster(WTF I hear you cry) Well its not exactly hidden, but its a small kiddie coaster which is very easily missed as its in an area you wouldnt really head through, Its also not very clearly listed on the map either. The Ride is of course nothing special as kiddie coasters go, but its 3 laps around. It was nearly time for lunch now, but I thought I would see what was happening with the Log Ride as it had been testing all morning, but was closed for some odd reason,however my luck was in as the guy came to open the entrance just as I walked past, so I was able to get on the first public ride of the ride,The Ride itself is quite a long ride, with a fairly good first drop, a tunnel section(which apparently used to spin around, but doesnt now), and a fairly steep last drop, I got quite wet, but not soaked. Strangly enough though, it would seem I was possibly THE ONLY MEMBER to ride the Log Flume on the day, We had lunch after it opened, and afterwards, the weather turned awful so not sure anyone braved it afterwards,time was short after lunch anyway so we didnt have a chance to try much else apart from the Stunt Show that most of us watched.

Lunch was served in the Circus Tent which was nice, but it took up 90 mins of our time, thankfully if there was any concelation, it started to really chuck it down with rain as soon as we got in there, and entertainment was brought to us by the kids in the kids play area where they were just beating eachother up by throwing everything at each other, It was hilarious.

So after lunch, the Rain was still coming down hard, and the only thing that felt worth doing was the Stunt Show, This IMO was an excellent show and one of the best stunt shows I've seen, Good action,Good Stunts, and an amazing Boat Scene at the end toped it all off nicely, Amazing.

Time was now very short after the stunt show, so we didnt have time for much else, however I tryed to ride Le Vol d'Icare, but sadly it was closed, I couldnt believe my luck as last time I came with the club, I never got to ride it then either. So just to fit in one more ride, I went on Rivière d'Elis, its just a peaceful boat ride, but had some rather odd/weird themeing.

4PM soon came around, and we were off to Jardin d’Acclimatation for a short side trip, In the end we only had 1hr here, but it was only mainly to do the 3 coasters so actually that was plenty of time.

First up was Tacot Express, a powered coaster with a few neat twists and a very unexpected suprise with a dive into a very low tunnel, there's even a bit of airtime on the back seats. Papillons d'Alice was a spinning coaster, but not like standard mouse models you find, the spinning was'nt extreme and gave out a nice ride really, Dragon was the last coaster which was an odd design,It was powered, but it seemed to be entirally driven by tires around the track,again it was most odd. Overall Jardin d’Acclimatation looks a nice place to visit, Its got some beautiful gardens and other rides to explore, but we just didnt have the time unfortnutly to look around more. Hopefully this will be a place to explore more on a future visit.

Monday 1st May

Today would see a short trip to a suprise park on the way back to The Ferry which was Parc St Paul, We only had 2hrs here, but its not a big park so that was plenty of time. Immediantly upon entrance though, we soon learned that 2 coasters would be out of operation, Looping which is a bizarre powered looping coaster was closed as a person was killed on it recently, and by the looks of things, it could be closed for quite some time, It was a very bizarre looking coaster though. Also Formule 1 was closed as they were fitting new brakes, this is a shame as this looked a great little ride, but its a shame we will never get to know how good or bad it is.

We did find 1 coaster running though which was Wild Train, a Pax model which was supringly good, The First Drop is a deceiving steep and good drop full of airtime in the back seats, its also rather smooth and gave out a nice ride. They also have a Drop Tower here too, however this was operated rather strangly, It goes to the top of the tower incredibly slow and when it drops at the top, It nearly stops half way and even comes to a very sudden stop, Its very strange.

I didnt ride much else, but did find a ghost train,this was beyond bad and probably one of the worst I've ridden, barely any effects and what there was didnt even seem to be working. I found another small kiddie coaster in the form of Mini Mouse Cartoon and also found Telepherique, now people call this a coaster, but I dont think so, Its strange but you ride round on polls on a suspended track while trying to hang on for dear life,Its a lot of fun and can create in mayhem sometimes.

I tryed another Haunted Attraction which was just a walkthrough type thing, but no live actors or anything like that, It was very odd really, There was also a 3D walkthrough thing which was quite good. I went for some more rides on Wild Train before heading back to the coach.

On the way back,we had unfortnutly missed our ferry by 5 mins,this was by no fault of our own though as we thought we had made it in plenty of time,but due to bank holiday rules, you need to be there 1hr before ferry departure to be guaranteed on your ferry back, At first we got a scare when we were told we couldnt get another ferry back for 2hrs, but luckly we were allowed on an earlier ferry anyway. however we were very lucky as we learned all the ferrys were delayed by 1hr, and the ferry we actually got was our intended ferry anyway and the one we were scheduled on at 6.30PM probably wouldnt have left until 7.30PM.

Overall, It was a good weekend though, The Fair Was a lot of fun,Parc Asterix Was great,Jardin d’Acclimatation contains 3 of the most unique coasters out there, and Park St Paul provided a nice short stop on the way back.

OK so now onto the Pictures, Just a word of note, there is not as many pictures from Parc Asterix and Parc St Paul that I would have liked to have taken as the weather was just too bad at times, and there is also no pictures from Jardin d’Acclimatation(again due to the weather) There is however plenty of pictures from the Fair to make up for it though

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