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DisneyLand Paris/Disney Studios Trip Report

This would be the first Holiday of 3 for me this year, The others being another trip to France, and a big trip to America with the ECC, However First comes Disneyland Paris with a fellow ECC member, we booked this back in January, and got some cracking deals especially on the Hotel getting a room for only 49Euros when rooms are usually 260euros, we were then lucky to upgrade our deal to include breakfast for 60euros,Not bad, We also saved a bit of money on Eurostar, but booked just a bit late on the outbound journey as the price just went up before we booked it, Overall though the Trip cost just under £200 for park tickets,Eurostar and Hotel which was'nt too bad.

After an early start, it was upto Waterloo for our EuroStar train which goes direct to DLP, and things didnt seem to get off to a good start when we were given probably the only seats on the train not next to a window, however the nice guard came along and said we could change seats next to some if we wanted. Also when buying a Sun Newspaper at Waterloo, I turned the paper a few pages in, and there was a nice article saying "Dont go to Paris" The reason for this was because of Riots in Paris because of some new law that was proposed, we just hoped and prayed that being at Disney we would be OK

Here is proof of the article, which amused us quite a bit, we just prayed that being in Disney we would actually be OK

The Journey was fantastic, I love Eurostar after doing it previously with the ECC,and the new high speed line over here in the UK is great saving us at least 15 mins journey time overall, however it is hoped when the second half of the High Speed Line opens and Eurostar moves to Kings Cross, Then Journey times will decrease by about 30 mins overall.

On Arrival at DLP, Weather was awful, and it was'nt going to get any better by the looks of it, However this is where Disney are so great, at least 90% of their attractions are indoors which means rain or shine, you're still going to have a great and magical day, and to make it even more magical, Disney arrange a Baggage Storage facility for a very respectable 2.50euro(so roughly £1.50) so you dont have to lug your bags back to your hotel,check in, and come back, Its saves a ton of time, and is very handy.

We decided on doing Disney Studios first, this was because the park closes at 6PM compared to DLP which closed at 8PM, so this meant we could have about 4hrs in the studios plus a short 2hrs or so in DLP.Reviews of the attractions we done in no particular order follow.

Rock N Roller Coaster - Well we had to start out the holiday with a Coaster and what better than Rock N Roller Coaster, I love this ride, while its not the best I've ridden, it does go to show that Vekoma do make smooth coasters and this is a great example, the launch is not a particually thrilling one, but is built up nicely, followed by a dark coaster ride with lots of lights, and music to boot, Its a really good clever ride, and I want one in the UK,If Only.

Armageddon - A Particually good attraction which IMO doesnt quite hit the mark though, It is very well built up telling you whats going to happen, and there is also a short section about how Armageddon was made, you are then led to to the Studio to film an extra scene for the film, The Effects and everything are OK, but nothing really made me to WOW, I think it could have been a lot better.

CineMagique - This is a really good and clever show, which invloves live actors, and clever interaction with the film, there are also a bunch of clever effects which I still cant work out how its done(One is a Real Door that suddenly appears on the Screen) Maybe its a case of clever disney magic

Art of Disney Animation - Had not tryed this before when I came to the park last, so thought we would give it a go, and probably wished I wished it now, a real disapointment after seeing CineMagique, All it shows is a film of various disney clips which seem to serve no purpose of the attraction, and then another short film of someone who seems to interact with a animated figure, Its Clever, but we had to wear Headphones, and the english soundtrack was not loud enough to be heard over the Person speaking so I couldnt hear anything.

Afterwards, the weather still was'nt getting any better, and we tryed to see Animagique, but missed the last show, we then tryed to do the Studio Tram Tour but it was'nt working, so after having a sneak peek of the new area and Coaster being built, and drolling over Tower of Terror which is scheduled to open October 07 BTW, we went over to DLP for the remander of the day. Now before our trip, we made a discovery,there was a new attraction coming in the form of Buzz Lightyear which isnt meant to open until April 8th, however we all know how Disney are good with their preview/soft openings so we were praying it would be open, so upon entrance, this was out first stop of the day and wouldnt you know it, Buzz was Open, and because such an oppotunity was too good to pass up(even though the queue was long) We had to get a ride.

Buzz Lightyear - queueing for Buzz took about 1hr, but it was worth it to get a ride, My Friend said the queue line reminded him of the Old 5th Dimension themeing even though I cant remember that, The queue also had a really cool Animated/Animatronic Buzz Lightyear which was amazing. The Ride system consists of moving cars in the queue line which helps capasity too. The Ride was very good indeed, I loved how you can spin the cars complety around, this is great for getting in perfect positions to shoot at the targets, however I did have 2 minor complaints about the ride, One being how short the ride was,and how you couldnt see your lazer's very well, I had to check my gun the first time to see if it was working, While Its all nice themeing,bright lights inside, its really hard to know where you're shooting. They also have a points system and its possible to get 999,999 apparently, but I wouldnt know how, I know some targets give out more points as I found there was 2 targets on a moving wheel giving out 10,000 points each time which gave me a score of 140,000 on one of my goes. Overall though,Top Marks for this attraction with only minor complaints,Nice job Disney

Space Mountain - So we did Space Mountain next only because its next door, this would be my first rides sinse they re-themed it,Now I was a huge fan of the old theme, It was so well done, and the music was the best thing I loved about it, so what would I think of the new theme, Well this time its themed as Going to Mars, and a few things have changed(a bit of themeing inside,the launch, and the music) Unfortnutly the new theme is awful, nothing works well about it now and the music is really bad, Very quiet too(you can barely hear any of it) and it didnt fit the pace of the ride either whereas the music to the old theme did this so well. The ride as a whole is still not great, very rough and not really re-rideable much, The launch is actually better, Previously the launch acted as 2 block systems,Stopping on the Bottom, and then half way, then launching,Now it stops at the bottom, and launches there which gives a slighty faster launch, but its still nothing to get excited about. Bring back the old theme please Disney, Awful Awful Refit.

Star Tours - I've done this in Florida, so know what to expect, but had to do it with my friend, Queue was very slow moving which was puzzling as I know this is quite high capasity, however it was then learned only 2 of the 6 simulators were running(Very unlike Disney) The Ride is OK, but Its not my favourite simulator ride.

We suddenly realised we were running out of time, so didnt have time to do anything else, so we left to go back to our Hotel(The Holiday Inn) To get to our Hotel, we had to get a bus, and some bright spark thought it would be a odd idea to choose pink and yellow buses(Guess what Bus we had to get to our hotel) Also when waiting for our bus, we saw an odd sign about Roadworks

Its just the wording on the notice which is strange, we just couldnt understand why from the 30th march, the roadworks will be more important???

Our Room was very nice and was designed mainly for a family of 3 with the kids bed seperated by a Circus Curtain, Its a clever idea to give the kid their own personal space and they even have their own TV,However me and my friend couldnt believe it when some bright idiot decided it would be a great idea to put the same make of TV in each corner which doesnt work as when one changes the TV channel, it changes the TV channel on the other TV, It made it rather hilarious when we wanted to watch different channels. Dinner was served at the RainForest Cafe which was nice, then it was back to the Hotel for a good rest ready for a full day in DLP tomorrow

26th March

Today would be a full day in DLP(A glorious 10hrs) I knew this would be the best approach seeing as we would want to see and do everything, I also suggested we do the 3 dark rides and Its a Small World in FantasyLand as queues for these would only get really big later on.

Peter Pan is a great dark ride, Its one of my favourites, and one that is very popular with everyone,the flying scenes are great and is probably what makes it popular. Snow White and Pinocchio are probably not so impressive, but they still get big queues because of how low the capasity is, they still impress me though. Its a Small World is your usual standard Boat Ride and is clever showing off the different countries, and then the theme song being sung in the own country's launguage. Other Rides we went on in no particular order

Pirates of the Caribean - this is my all time favourite dark ride, I just love this ride on so many levels, Its themeing,Its atmosphere, Its Music, and great story telling scenes,It just works so well alltogether which is probably what makes it so great, This is also IMO my personal favourite Pirates Ride out of all the 3 rides, OK so the Florida/California Ones have the better Battle Scenes IMO, but I love the Underground Caves Section which the others dont have which fits the theme really well,Also on one of our rides, the ride broke down, and all the boats got stuck, It enabled me to get some really good pictures inside the attaction so you will get to see them in the pictures

Indiana Jones - So they've changed the ride again and pointed the trains forward, this is much better as I never liked it backwards, The Ride is still not great though giving an unbearable ride at times, very rattly too, Not a personal favourite of mine

Big Thunder Mountain - This was the longest queue of the day at 6hrs(Now Before anyone goes into shock, that was actually how long we had to wait when getting a fasttrack ticket,we got a ticket at approx 12.30PM, but couldnt ride until 6.30PM) which meant 6hrs in a virtual queue, Now IMO, this is a terrible attraction to have Fasttrack on, and I dont like how its run either as one station is fastrack only, and one station is the normal queue as that made the normal queue about 1-2hrs, I also found without fasttrack, the normal queue moved very quick anyway. This is a great ride though(My Favourite out of all the Big Thunders) I think its because of the Tunnels travelling to and from the station which make it really good, The ride is long too so at least its worth the waiting time

Phantom Manor - An excellent attraction, and once again my favourite out of all the Phantom Manor's mainly for the loading station which is quite impressivly themed,The Ride just works really well as an attraction like this, and some impressive effects are used throughout the ride.

Autopia - Can you believe that on 3 previous trips to this park, I have never once got to ride Autopia,Its been closed each time for maintenance, so was I to be cursed for a 4th time??Thankfully the answer was NO, and I finally got to ride this for the first time. The Ride covers a bigger area than it looks, and there are 4 tracks too,however today only 2 tracks were running, the ride is still very good though with a supringly long track length, and some nice scenary along the way, alltogher its a lot of fun really.

Honey I've Shrunk the Kids - Done its before many times, but its a first for my friend anyway so did it for him,Its a 4D show, and its done very well,and definatly one of my favourite's,Love the Mice effect(still makes everyone scream) and the effect of the audience shrinking works well too.

After lots of Re-rides and managing to ride Buzz Lightyear again(YIPEE) We called it a day and headed out of Park, This time we decided to eat at Planet Hollywood for another nice meal before going on a nice stroll around Disney Village and calling it another night back at the Hotel.

27th March

This would mainly be a day full of re-rides and anything else we didnt fit it at Disney Studios the first day. So after again dropping off our bags at Baggage Storage, we went into the Studios for a while first before going back into DLP afterwards. We went for a quick ride on Rock N Roller Coaster first, before going to see Animagique

Animagique - Its another really good show,this one being a story with Donald and Mickey, Its more of a Dance/special effects type show, and while it not as impressive as CineMagique, its still very good.

Studio Tram Tour - Having Done the Florida One, I thought this was going to be same thing hence why I never did it when I last came to the park, however it is slighty different mainly for the last scene. They still have the impressive Tanker Catching Fire in Canyon Scene which I really like, but we should have bee more towards the middle as you can see much towards the end of the tram. You also pass through lots of film scenes/props.

Stunt Show Spectacular - I dont know what it is about this show, Sure it is really good and very impressive, but it just goes on for too long going over the advertised time where they talk between scenes etc, saying that though, the Show is very good with some rather good car chase scenes,and stunts.

After coming out of the Stunt show, we realised the Parade was about to start, so decided to stay and watch it, It was actually very good, and although the show was short, some of the Floats were very impressive, and involved all your favourite charactors. We have now exausted all the time we wanted in The Stuidos, so decided to pop in DLP for a few hrs before going home, We thought we would give Buzz another try, but it was'nt going to open all day today(Seems the previews were only on weekends,At least we still got to ride it) Anyway we got many various re-rides on Phantom Manor,Pirates,Big Thunder and star Tours, we also got a ride on Casey Jr,This is a Jr Coaster themed like a Circus Train, At first we didnt actually believe we could ride this before we left on the trip as it was classed as being a closed attraction, so this was a bonus, so its not a great attraction as its only really for kids, and its really slow too, but it takes a nice scenic route around the area its in, so provides a nice enough ride, also for a powered ride, it runs 2 trains as well.

So it was finally time to go home, but not without incidents, First Our Train to Lille was delayed by 20 mins, this didnt seem quite so bad, but then the delay turned to 30 mins which meant we were panicking about our transfer in Lille as we were going to be pushed for time anyway. Thankfully everything worked out, But on Eurostar at Lille, we were stuck on our train going nowhere until our train manager gets on the tannoy and annouces People are on the Track(Obviously some immigrant issue) however although it seems the Police were swift with their quick actions arresting the offenders, we still couldnt go anywhere, as the police needed to give us authorisation to leave, and we needed the electricity to be turned back on resulting in a 30 min delay overall,thankfully some time was made up in Ashford with a quick stop.

Overall, The Trip was superb,We got to do everything in the parks, Crowds were busy but bearable,the Hotel Was Nice,We got to Ride Buzz, and we just had a lot of fun.

OK,OK, So now you want to see Pictures dont you,choose what park you would like to see below to see them :)

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