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Parc Asterx Pictures

This is the site when you enter the park of Asterix looking down at you

Le Descente Du Styx Or the Rapids in plain english

Another Shot of the Rapids where you start the ride, I was actually quite disapointed about this ride as it has no real themeing, and you didnt get wet either

Goudurix from a distance

Goudurix enters the first main drop

The Train enters the first corkscrew

Another shot of the train about to enter the first drop

One final look at the ride, Incidently I found Goururix to be quite a good ride and certaintly didnt find it too rough, The First Inversion feels a bit rough and had a nasty little jolt, but the rest of it was good, I have certaintly ridden far worse coasters that that

This is Le Trace Du Hourra, the amazing looking bobsled ride and I can safely say It was a very good ride and worth waiting for

The Train starts to climb the long lift hill. Incidently the staff on this ride were superb and were so fast getting the trains out of the station that 2 trains were sometimes on the lift hill both at the same time

The Entrance to the ride, Incidently The Ride was down for a long portion on the day and was finally back in operation at approx 3.30PM, Now luckly I timed it just right when the ride reopened so I didnt queue long, but this picture was taken mearly 20-30 mins(approx) after it re-opened and the ENTIRE queue line was full up and spreading outside the entrance. It was certaintly quite amazing how the word soon spread that it was open

This is Periferix(A kiddie Coaster), A strange coaster this one as the train is unbraked when going through the station for its 2nd/3rd laps and there is no ride op to check the lap bars(You just do it yourself)

L Oxygenarium, Sadly this ride was down for long periods throughout the day and so not many members got to ride it, this is a picture of how the ride stayed like pretty much all day. Also The boats kept getting stuck at the bottom which didnt help either

La Galere(The Pirate Ship)

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