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Florida Trip Reports

From June 4th to 14th 05, I went back for another trip to Florida with my mum again, once again there would be many new rides and attractions to try including The Mummy at Universal(which I just missed out on last time),Disco H20 at Wet N Wild,Crush and Gusher at Typhoon Lagoon,and SheiKra at BGT, I would also be visiting Cypress Gardens which has recently reopened in Florida and transformed into a thrill park,View Reviews from all these places, plus pictures from most parks

Sea World 5/5/05
No Report for this one, Just a few pictures from Sea World, I visited twice on this holiday, both for a few short hrs to get some rides on Kraken and Journey to Atlantis which I have ridden before(2 Very good rides), There is not many pictures from Sea World, but I hope you enjoy them anyway

Universal Studios and IOA 6/5/05
This are no pictures with this report, and is mainly only my personal review for The Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Studios, I missed out on this ride last time, so would it finally live up to my expectactions, Read and find out, there is also a short report from IOA on the same day too

Busch Gardens 7/6/05
Well of Course I had to go back to BGT as always but this year would be very exciting as I would be riding the new coaster SheiKra which has only just opened at the park, This 200ft Monster is the 3rd Dive Coaster to come from B&M so how would it compare to Oblivion,Read and Find out, and Oh Yeah, then view a special dedicated gallery of pictures of this new B&M Coaster

Cypress Gardens 8/6/05
I had to take a trip to Cypress Gardens as it has only reopened after it closed in 2003, the park has been transformed with 40 new rides, with a 5th coaser on the way, and a Water Park. View my Report from the park, and then view pictures

Wet N Wild 9/6/05
I havent visited Wet N Wild for quite a while, and was determined to visit to try out the New Disco H20, and Well as The Storm which would be new to me too,Read a short report, and view a few pictures

Typhoon Lagoon 13/6/05
Although Wet N Wild was included on my hopper park, I wanted to try out Typoon Lagoon again as I havent visited here for a few years, and I was itching to try out the new Crush N Gusher MasterBlaster Rides.Park turned out tbe very busy because of the 85 degree heat, View my Report, and then view the Pictures

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