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FlamingoLand Pictures Page 1

One of the main Coasters at FlamingoLand is The Bullet

This is the train diving towards the loop from the station

And here is a view of the train coming backwards into the station

The ride starts by launching backwards up that first spike where the train is now

The train attempts the mad Helix that goes into the loop

and around the loop it goes, Also this part of the ride has the craziest head chopper effect I've ever seen, it really is quite scary.

Up the second spike it goes before attempting the whole ride again BACKWARDS

An overview of most of the ride with that crazy looking helix, its very intense forwards and backwards

Another overview of the ride, this time from further away, bullet is indeed a fantasic ride, and very intense

Ooppss, Oh Dear I dont think this is meant to happen as the Bullet has stalled on that turn that leads into the second spike, you can see a member of staff running around wondering what has happened.

Thats one of the ECC members in the back there who had to be evacuated from the ride, thankfully no one was hurt and everyone was quickly and safely evacuated within 10 mins, Bravo to the staff.

Here is the other great coaster that FlamingoLand has, Magnum Force

An overview of the 3 Amazing Loops on the Ride which are all very intense

The train going up the Lift Hill

Further Up the lift hill it goes

I think this was the main drop to the ride, and amazing it was too

Going around the very intense loop

An overview of the ride, overall another great ride here, but the 4 point harnesses do slow operation down, its still a wonderful ride though

FlamingoLand also has a Wild Mouse

Its just your usual standard wild mouse, but this one was quite a good ride as some brakes that would usually be on was left off :)

An overview of most of the ride. incidently this ride was playing up big time all day, I waited 30 mins for 1 ride thanks to horrible operating procedures and a brakedown, It also suffered constant brakedowns all day and it got so bad, it even had to close early for the day at 5PM when the park closed at 6PM so I'm not quite sure all members got a ride on it in the end.
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