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Drayton Manor Park Ben 10 Coaster

We have a new ride at Drayton for 2011, Its the new Ben 10 Coaster

The Shiny New Entrance

New signage

New Advertising for the new ride

Here's a quick view of some of the scenes in the queue line

and here's the new ride in all its detail

Its not bad as kids coasters go, The presentation as a whole is pretty good, however as you can see, Its very Green,but everyone likes Green coasters right ;)

OK I will leave you now to view the ride from all different angles,thank heavens for nice photo friendly coasters

In other Park News, The Big Wheel was given a complete refurbishment and a re-paint for 2011 too

It looks nice :)

And the other big park news for 2011 is the New Hotel which is now open

Again it all looks rather nice, the Park has battled for years to get a hotel approved, and its nice they have finally been rewarded for their patience

The Hotel could soon be extended as rumours of an indoor waterpark for the hotel come up again, Nothing confirmed as yet though

this is a new ride in Thomas Land, cant remember if this came 2010 or this year though

This isnt techniclly new as they have simply re-themed the cafe at the top of the hill again, Its now a proper Restaurant, The Food was lovely even if it was a bit more expensive than usual

Here's the new park map for 2011

why the hell does Shockwave look like a water ride(WTF), just looks weird

Some Random Park shots to finish off the update, First Up G-Force

I dont really like it, so we didnt ride it on the day

It had a big queue too anyway

One Final shot

Storm Force 10 and shockwave in the distance

We didnt ride Storm Force, You get way too wet, the weather was'nt great either

Its the Monorail Coaster ;)

Has this ride got slower over time, OMG It just seems so much slower than it ever used to be

It just looks like its going to stall at various points in the ride

The Pirate Ship

They replaced this ride with errrr A Pirate Ship(A Serious true fact) They simply wanted an updated one, and placed the new one on the Water

The flying Dutchman


A nice shot of Thomas finishes off the update
Drayton Manor Park have been very busy in 2011, and the improvements throughout the park are excellent, The New Ben 10 Coaster is an great addition and is perfect for the park, While its obviously not the most thrilling and best coaster out there, Its a lot of fun, and very re-rideable, The Staff were operating the ride well despite it being fairly low capasity, and queues rarely topped over 30 mins on the day despite it being quite busy. I thought the new Hotel looked really good, and with all the other improvements around the park, It was a really good visit for once. Overall a great visit, and if rumours for 2012/13 that yet another big new ride is coming, I think the future will continue to be bright for the park

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