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Drayton Manor Park Thomas Land

Welcome to Thomas Land at Drayton Manor Park

Lets go through all the rides in detail,This is the entrance to the new Rollercoaster "Troublesome Trucks Coaster"

This was the only new rollercoaster to be built in the UK for 2008 so it was nearly an embarassing year where the UK saw no new coasters built

The Trains are quite well themed I think

Some riders about to experience the ride

Around the Helix

Around the twisty turns

Up the Lift Hill it goes

I thought the ride was fairly enjoyable

Its obviously not the best coaster out there, but for a kiddie coaster, its nice, and does a fine job, and you get 2 laps around

Some Views outside the park of the new coaster

Its definatly the perfect first coaster for the little ones

A full train of happy riders

The Helix was supringly powerful being on a kiddie coaster

One Final View before seeing what else is around Thomas Land

The Main Attraction in Thomas Land is Knapford Station

This is a very good looking attraction, and you can ride Thomas and go into the Zoo Section

Thomas leaves the Station, themeing is quite impressive

An overview of the station

The Turntable where Thomas turns around, and then heads back taking more riders to the zoo

Thomas heading back to the station

An Overview of the station,with a nice shot of Maelstrom in Action in the background

Next is Harold's Heli Tours

Its nice to see Harold get a ride, I always thought he was great desite not appearing in many episodes

A nice gentle ride for kids
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