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Chessington Pictures(27/3/04) Page 1

Dragon Fury Trains sit in the station waiting to be tested

This is the very impressive drop on the ride, Its not much to look at but packs quite a nice punch

This is the immelman inversion on the ride which is very good

an overview of some of the ride, the midcourse you see leads into the very impressive helix

This is the section of track after the second lift hill, just some various twists and turns

this is the turn leading into the final block brake

This is the crazy little ending to the ride, it certaintly doesnt look much to look at, but its a nice little ending to the ride

A close up of one of the cars

this was the site we had waited for all day,test runs of the coaster, this finally happened at around 4.30PM(approx)

More testing going on, they tested with empty cars and full cars to test the weight on all of them I guess

Yet more testing

Trains going through the immelman turn looked amazing, being spun around when going through was great

Drop the drop it goes

Another view this time from the back of the immelman turn

Finally we were allowed to ride the coaster at approx 5.45PM(15 mins before the park closed) however they stayed open an extra 30 mins so everyone that was patient enough to wait could get a ride

Finally trains filled with the general public, general opinions of people getting off were good

The train coming off the last block brake before coming into the station

This is the very impressive helix on the ride,Sorry for the blured train in this photo, it was taken when it got quite dark and photo taking conditions at that time were rather poor

As soon as word got out that Dragons Fury started testing, this long line developed, however the ride did get a bit shorter as some people got annoyed waiting and left, those that didnt get to ride Fury though were compensated in the form of free tickets for another day out at the park

Now we have seen Dragons Fury, lets look at Land of the Dragons a bit more in detail. This picture shows several things. Cafe Nero is to the left,Dragons PlayHouse directly in front, there is one of the new charactors for the new land outside the playhouse in the Dragon uniform, and Canapy Capers is off to the right where the Dragon is, However this attraction is not yet open and wont be for a little while yet, hopefully it wont be too long

Here is another new charactor for the new area who was happy to pose for a photo

This is Sea Dragons, this attraction opened slighty late in the morning but operated for most of the day after that
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