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Brighton Pictures

This is what is left of the first building on the West Pier, It is sloped at an angle, and it seems like it could give way any moment

Another Pic of the Collapsed Building

As for the Other Building down the Pier, it still seems to be pretty much in tact

Its sad to see the Pier like this, they were hoping to restore the entire Pier, but I think thats out of the question now

A Close up of the damage, look at the entrance too, Its gone complety through the supports, and I'm suprised its still hanging there.

I'm sure its only a matter of time before the whole thing collapses into the sea

Lets Hope this Building Stands for a bit longer however

Anyway enough of the West Pier, we were here to ride some coasters at the end of this Pier

A Picture of the Helter Skelter and you can also see the Turbo Coaster in the background

Another Pic of the Helter Skelter and the Turbo Coaster

Me and Lewis were very happy enough to see a Ghost Train on the Pier which turned out to be rather good

The Crazy Mouse, and its a Spinning One

The Top of the Log Ride, its the same Model which they have at Paultons Park and at Southsea in Portsmouth

The Carousel

A Very Cute Canoe Style Ride for Kids, you even use an oar to push you along, The little Kiddies seem to love it

Another Pic of the Ride, it even comes with a little bit of themeing added

The Spinning Wild Mouse again, It was very cold when riding it

The Super Twist Ride like the Octopus Ride in RCT

They also had a simulator here

And a Waltzer Ride too

The Ranger Ride like the Flying Dutchman Ride at Drayton, unfortunutly it didnt look like it was open today though

Another Pic of the Canoe Ride with Part of the Turbo Coaster in the background

An Overview of the Pier
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