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The Big Weekend Trip

On the Weekend of October 6th,7th and 8th,I had planned what was supposed to be an easy trip to 5 parks,2 of which I havent visited before, then things got complicated when 2 fairs also concluded on the same weekend I would be away(Both of which are considered England's Premier Fairs)It proved to be an incredible bit of good fortune, and thankfully everything turned out right so I could fit in both fairs, and still visit my 5 Parks meaning a very exausting and expensive weekend,But it was all Worth it in the end. View how my exciting Weekend went with reports and Pictures from all parks and Fairs

Alton Towers(6/10/06)
First Stop was Alton Towers, this would only be a brief stop to get a few quick rides on the coasters, and stroll onto Nottingham's Fair in the afternoon, I also had a chance to view the new Driving School they have built in Cred Street, You can view some pictures of that, plus some excellent shots of Nemesis in action

Nottingham Goose Fair(6/10/06)
Next Stop was the Nottingham Goose Fair, Orginally this was not part of my plans, but when it suddenly falls on the same weekend you're away, How can you refuse not to go,The Fair was excellent and goes to prove that it clearly qualifies as one of Englands Premier Fairs,View Pictures of the Fair and read my thoughts afterwards

Gullivers Warrington(7/10/06)
Next Stop was Gullivers World in Warrington, I had previously visited the park in Matlock,Bath earlier this year so it would be nice to compare the two parks,It Would also be good to try out the Wooden Coaster they have here plus sample the delights of a new UK park I havent visited before. View The Pictures and my thoughts afterwards

Hull Fair(7/10/06)
Next on my whirlwind weekend tour was a visit to the Hull Fair,Another of England's Premier Fairs, Again It was down to luck I could visit here, and even more lucky that I happen to even be staying in Hull to even visit it,View pictures of the Fair, and my thoughts afterwards

Pleasure Island(8/10/06)
The Last Day Saw me visiting 3 parks in one day, starting with Pleasure Island in CleeThorpe's,This would be another new park for me so it would be nice to see what delights the park holds. Certaintly its not a bad looking park, and they have invested a lot in the 2006 season with 3 new attractions,View Pictures showing off the park

Fantasy Island(8/10/06)
Just Down the coast from CleeThorpe is Fantasy Island, and while I was in the area, I thought I would take a visit, I last came here 4 years ago and was'nt that impressed, so have things improved??Is the Millennium Coaster still Excellent, Is Odyssey Still Rough,Find out inside, and View Pictures

Bottons Pleasure Beach(8/10/06)
The Last Stop was a short stopover at Bottons Pleasure Beach, This is an great little park only 5 mins down the road from Fantasy Island and is certaintly worth the stopover, With 4 Coasters on offer,It would be foolish to not stop here,There was also the new Spinning Coaster that only premiered in July 2006,View Some Pictures from this nice little park

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