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American Adventure Pics Page 1

This is the temporary entrance to AA with lovely Portacabins or at least it could possibly be called the Perminent Entrance now since the foundations sunk on the old one and was deemed unsafe

And here is the old Entrance,I couldnt see much wrong with it really, but never mind

Here is a peek inside the old entrance, apparently there was lots of shops just inside but all of them have now closed down

The Missile, AA's star Attraction(If you can call it that anyway)

The 2 Lift Hills on the Ride

An overview of The Missile, Incidently this ride was closed all day today,Oh well never mind, at least I was spared a headache today ;)

Another overview of the ride. Also the ride looked in pretty bad shape and according to a member of staff, it wont be operating for a while as its down for serious maintenance issues apparently

One final look at the Missile

This is the Twin Looper and although it looks bad, Its actually quite a good coaster

This is the Helix on the coaster, and yes it was quite good

Here are the 2 loops on the ride,hence the name Twin Looper

Another View of the Loops

The Buffalo Coaster in action

The train is about to enter the End Helix

A full view of the train

A full view of the first helix, Its quite nice and its taken at quite a good speed

The Runaway Mine Train coming out of the station at Speed

Now remember people, you cant wave your hands in the air otherwise you will get a slap from the staff

The Runaway Train, what an orginal name

Thats Nightmare Niagara in the distance, doesnt it look great :)

Here is the station building to the ride, queues reached upto 30 mins for this ride because of the nice warm weather

Here you can see the first lift hill leading to the first drop, to the left you can see the second drop and in the background is the third and highest drop

A close up of the second drop, this is the one that you get the most wet on

This is where the ride ends leading back into the station

And here in the third drop in all its Glory :)

As you can see, the final drop is quite steep and makes a pretty big wave at the bottom
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