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Alton Towers and the Smiler

In 2013, Alton finally unveiled their newest addition to their previous Big 5 Coaster collection Called the Smiler, It finally replaced the Black Hole attraction, Its a Gerstlauer Eurofighter design and comes with an impressive 14 inversions smashing the previous record inversion record of 10. So Enjoy My Picture Gallery showing off the new coaster and then view my thoughts afterwards

Before we actually get to see the Smiler in full, lets look at a few other new attractions that have appeared before then. First up is Nemesis Sub Terra that opened in 2012

Its a little hard to explain in full words, but lets say its a glorified mini Drop Tower experience

When it opened, it was slated beyond belief(YES it really was awful and hyped up bigtime) but Alton promised to act and make immediate improvements

And to be fair, they did just that(Just 3 months after opening) The improvements did actually make it a lot better but if I'm honest, Its still not brilliant, and could have been a hell of a lot better

Moving on, Alton Towers also installed Ice age 4D in the old Theatre in Cred Street in 2012 too

A Poster showing the new attraction

Its Cloud Cookoo Land now featuring Ice Age

Well it looks nice

Some good themeing

An overview of the new 4D Cinema

YES,Scatt makes an appearance in the film,hoorah

Its a shame the attraction isnt that great, Its a badly recut short version of the film, and not brilliantly put together if I'm honest,Some of the 4D effects are quite good, but I was'nt that thrilled by the whole thing

They have rethemed the shop to tie in with the new attraction

So in 2012, they finally annouced a new ride for X Sector which eventually became


Its time to get Corrected

What now follows is lots of various Pictures showing off the new ride, So I will leave you to enjoy the slideshow,enjoy :)

I couldnt end this update without giving Nemesis some love, so here's some random pictures of still the best coaster at Alton,Enjoy :)

Its finally nice to see Alton Replace The Black Hole with a new attraction, X Sector desperatly needed something new to replace it, and this is a worthy addition,Its certinatly fun,Its certaintly intense in place, and its a rather long ride too(3 and a half minutes or so),However while I think it is a good ride, Its doesnt beat the title for best ride at Alton, IMO that title still goes to Nemesis which will always rule Supreme, but YES The Smiler is a good ride,and depending where you sit(because some seats are more rougher than others), You can have a good experience, and despite all the problems that the ride has suffered in 2013, I am confident Alton will sort everything out, and deliver a great season with the Smiler in 2014. Also Altons plans for 2014 has finally been announced, Its a New CBeebies Land which is rumoured to complety replace Old MacDonald’s land so come back then to see that,Otherwise, Keep Smiling,Hold Tight, SMILE ALWAYS and Stay Corrected :)

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