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Alton Towers Opening weekend Review

Arrived early enough to go in the Hotel entrance, but some people were starting rumours that you could go into the park at 8.30AM and when everyone heard it, People flooded down to the Woodland walk quite early which meant there were lots of people waiting to get in before me, OH WELL.

However for the first 1hr of the day, I still managed 2 Rides on Air and 2 Rides on Nemesis(One ride on Nemesis was at the front) Nemesis is still running on Steroids and feels incredibly intense and got much better throughout the day, However the first corkscrew felt a bit rough as well as the last inversion, but apart from that, Its still quite smooth. AIR was running quite well today, but it broke down at approx 10AM and was closed for a while bur reopened later and continued to operate well throughout the rest of the day. AIR was giving out some good rides today and seemed slighty faster and more intense than normal, but it will still never beat Nemesis IMO.

My Ride Count for the day was Nemesis 6 rides,AIR 3 rides,Oblivion 2 rides,Rapids 1 ride,Log Ride 1 ride, Duel 2 rides, Hex 1 ride so not a bad days work. Queue times were also quite good, Maximum queue times were AIR 80 mins,Nemesis 45 mins,Ripsaw 5 mins,Duel 25 mins,Rapids Walk on,Log Ride 10 mins,Oblivion 15 mins,Black Hole 25 mins, Hex Walk on.

As for Duel, well I am very impressed with the revamp and its certaintly a huge improvement. However Duel did have some techincal difficulties and broke doen twice during the day(Both times while I was in the queue) but I still got 2 rides in the end. Basiclly the Cars are 3 People in the Front, 2 People in the back and the actual design have not changed too much,they also dont stop in the station either which means the capasity for the ride is still very good. Anyway the First half of the ride(From the start to the spinning tunel) is still pretty much the same as before, but nearly the whole second half(From the Spinning tunnel to the end) has been complety revamped, I dont want to spoil it too much for everyone, but I can certaintly say most of you will be very impressed. There are also quite a lot of targets in there which means you can get quite a good high score(I managed 54,000)

Other Park News - Sad to say that Oblivion has NOT been repainted over the closed season even though there was strong rumours saying it would happen, so this is a disapointment. Also As I mentioned before Duel Closed twice for technical difficulties and AIR closed for a brief period of time too, The SkyRide also kept brakeing down constantly too and I even saw an engineer kicking the cable to a car to push it into the station(It was certaintly quite hilarious)

The new film for the 3D cinema is confirmed outside the entrance with a simple sign saying New Film for 2003, however I didnt get time to try it out sadly, but next time I will do my best to do so. Also never got a chance to look at the new Ribena Berry Bash Attraction so will have to remember to check that out next time too. Also new for 2003 is one of those Virtual Reality Attractions like what Chessington recieved last year(located in Merrie England) and there is also one of those Bungee Runs located outside Hex

Overall, Today turned out to be fairly good day, but I was disapointed about the weather because they said it would be nice and sunny, but instead there was dark clouds everywhere and it threatened to rain all day, Luckly it never did though.

Anyway, some pics from today can be viewed at the address below, ENJOY

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