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Alton Towers Pictures(19/2/05) Page 1

This is a special look at alton Towers in the off season just before they reopen for the 2005 season as part of an ECC AGM and a behind the scenes tour which includes a look at Rita,A look inside the Black Hole with the lights on, and a walk up the Air lift hill, and through the tunnel.

Here we see inside the construction Area, Rita is looking very nice indeed, and is nearly ready, you can also see one of the final turns leading into a brake run

Lots of various construction was going on inside the area which still looks way off completion, so it will be difficult to say weather access to Corkscrew will be allowed on opening day??? It looks like Rita offically opens on 1st April according to

You can see part of the launch run here, along with the huge hill that takes you into one of the banked turns. Also off just to the left is the Ride Photo shop for Rita

The launch run in a bit more detail, The turn to the right looks very nicely banked indeed

The final turn to the ride, there is a brake run just before this, so it wont be taken at such a great speed than first thought.

Part of one of the trains is already on track, and has already been tested as part of a pull through where they winch the train through the course on cables

A close up of the train, full testing is expected in a few weeks.

The station is off to the left there,Also behind the train is the transfer station, which still needs to be finished.

Now for a unique look inside The Black Hole. This is a view of one of the trains inside the station

Here is a train in the maintenance shed where they carry out work on the trains.

I dont think this train is quite fit to ride sinse it has no seats or restraints

Looking down the dreaded brake run which can be very evil at times

Can you believe this is the camera used to take photos, Its very small, At least Alton went with a good make of camera though :)

Dunno what these rocks are all about, I've never seen them inside the black hole lit up when riding.

You would go up this part of the track ready to go into the final helix
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