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Alton Towers Pictures(19/6/04) Page 1

In Place of Dynamo, Alton Towers have put in yet another extra money attraction in the form of a Mini Golf Hole, I believe it cost 2 to pay, and if you got a hole in one, you would win 150

Alton have put in remote control ducks on the lake by the log ride

More of the course where you can control the Big Ducks

The Control stations for the attraction are quite nicely themed I think

A Shot of the Power Shower which is now working, and was reported to be working all day, You can get quite soaked from it too I hear

In a rather odd move, The People Dryer has moved from its orginial location, It was located next to the photo booth but has now moved to the bottom of the exit path, I'm not sure why Its been moved but maybe it got too crowded around that area and Alton felt it needed to be moved into a slighty less crowded area???(Just a Guess though)

I never realised this, but The Chocolate House has now closed down in Cred Street, What a Shame that yet more things keep closing down around the park

One of Oblivions Cars has been re-themed into a England Football Team Car, Personally I think its ruins the theme of the ride personally, but Its different I guess. All the Seats have Player's Names on them too

It seems Alton just love Grabber Machines and have yet installed more over by Spinball Whizzer next to the PhotoBooth Place

A Child Friendly Policy On Spinball???? How Very Bizarre, Lets Take a closer look at the sign shall we

And here is the sign in much better detail, apparently from 9.30AM till 1PM, Only Adults with Children between a height of 1.2 and 1.5 will be allowed to ride.Personally I think this rule is stupid and will only make people complain because people are always going to Spinball to ride the new ride first and now they cant ride it until 1PM. I'm not sure when this new rule will be taking place, but I'm guessing it will quite soon ready for the summer holidays

Ha Ha, Oh Dear, It looks like Alton need to go back to Spelling Classes I think because I never knew Whizzer was actually spelt Wizzer ;)

Not again?? this time its some very bad English, You actually want to look at the Top Sentance and not the main one highlighted. The Bit "And Should Not Ride" obviously means something was left out of the sentance and should have gone after the word "And" Also the shocking thing about these 2 bad mistakes is, I dont think they can be easily replaced or rather they could at quite a large cost unless the whole sign is replaced
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