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Alton Towers Pics(4/4/04) Page 1

Spinball Whizzer from a distance, doesnt it look wondeful

Here we see the ride where it starts, there is a little drop out of the station and a small dip upto the lift hill

The Train then climbs the lift hill which is very fast indeed

It then goes into this crazy twisting drop which is very good

It then goes into the highest block brake before heading into another drop leading into the immelman turn

And here is that Immelman element, Its quite amazing

Here we see it looking from the front

This is a view from the back of the turn when you come off the Squirrel Nutty Ride

One Final View this time from the left hand side

It then goes into another block brake before heading into another twisting drop

The train Spins wildly down the drop

It then goes into another turn that goes through the immelman inversion

From here it heads into another block brake and then goes into a very tight helix, there is yet another Block Brake before attempting one final drop and twist before heading into the main brakes.

One Final overview of the ride, The Ride itself is very good fun and has some great twists and turns and spinning action. However I will be honest and say I prefer Dragons Fury to Spinball but thats just my opinion, they are still both very good rides though

A View of the Station, It does have some themeing inside and looks quite nice from the outside too

This is the entrance to the ride, when I took this photo, the ride was currenly closed hence the bin in front of the entrance, The Pass Holders Entrance is for Hotel Guests who has passes to skip the queue

The Spinball Whizzer Photo Booth which is quite nicely themed
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