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Alton Towers Pics Page 1

Spinball whizzer has finally gone vertical

The lift hill stands stall for quite a distance

Another View of the Lift hill

Spinball Whizzer will be a Spinning Coaster if you didnt know already

Some advertising for the Ride

A view of the Lift Hill near to where the Beastie Coaster is

The Lift Hill stands tall over the Area

I thought the Lift Hill would be taller than what it currently is, Its still not too bad though

One Final Look at the Lift hill

A view of the main construction area

There are various footers and supports around the area

A close up of the Supports

It looks like the track in the distance is the brake run track??

Here we see what I presume will be the drop out of the station leading to the brake run

The small stretch of track leading to the Lift Hill

More Footers

This is the reason why I wanted to ride the Squirrel Nutty Ride to get an overall view of the Construction Site ;)

One Final look at the Construction Area

In Other Park news, the Halloween Ice Show has returned this year which is a very good show and worth seeing

There is also this new Game on the Forbiddon Valley Midway where you toss rings on the bottles

Didnt notice this earlier this year but Duel has recieved a new Disabled entrance which means they dont have to fight their way through the Shop anymore

Is it me or have Alton already put up the price of their own Season Pass, I swear it was 55 last year, Hardly seems worth it does it, People might as well pay the extra 15 and go for a Tussards Season Pass or Its techniclly only 5 extra if you are renewing an old tussards pass

RMT has recieved a new entrance for Hotel Guests with Ride Passes, normally they had to use the Exit Gate to get in.

Submission was only operating with that 1 side today making the queue upto 30 mins long today, normally its always a walk on despite what day it is. Also its funny but that left side always seems to have problems
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