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Alton Towers Review 18/5/03

Arrived at the park at approx 8.20AM and decided to check out the new Hotel Construction first and all I can is Dear oh Dear, The Hotel is far from ready and there is still loads of work to do. I even had a nice chat with a security guard and he was saying that it is offically delayed now as it should have all been completed 2 weeks ago(even the WaterPark is not ready apparently) Anyway he was saying the new Unnoffical Opening date is 1st July but he couldnt confirm it so its likely it could be delayed further, All I can say is Alton better get it open for the Busy summer months otherwise, Its going to be a very costly Delay for them and Tussaurds.

Anyway arrived in the park and decided to make the most of XRT, I managed 2 rides on AIR and 2 rides on Nemesis before any big crowds arrived. Also I was queueing up for AIR when everyone went the wrong way up the queue line and missed the shortcut through to the station(Hilarious) I could only laugh while strolling to the station(the correct way) which was empty so I went for a front seat ride.

Today was quite good in terms of Crowds, Maximum Queue times throughout the day were Nemesis 40 mins,Air 55 mins,Duel 5 mins,Ripsaw 5 mins,Oblivion 20 mins, Black Hole 25 mins,Log Ride 5 mins, Rapids 5 mins, Hex 15 mins,Mine Train 10 mins,Corkscrew 10 mins. As for a Ride Count I managed Nemesis 4 Rides,Air 3 Rides,Mine Train 1 Ride,Oblivion 3 times, Black Hole 1 ride,BoneShaker 1 ride,Duel 2 rides and Beastie 1 ride, I also went to see the new film in the 3D cinema too.

Nemesis still feels very intense and the first Helix is as crazy as ever(May it continue all season again). As for Duel, it seemed to operate fine all day and the queue never reached outside the entrance either, Also as I hit the ride early I had an entire car to myself and managed a score of 76,300(Not Bad,Not bad). The Black Hole felt a bit smoother than normal for some reason and the brakes at the end are not so intense now which is good. Also went for a ride on Beastie(the forgotton coaster at Alton) Its ok but obviously nothing special, glad to get a ride so I can at least add it to my list(had never rode it before today). Also managed the loose harness trick on Oblivion on all 3 rides which was good and you were allowed to sit whereever you liked today(No ride ops telling you where you sit) so Front Row on all 3 rides too :)

Other Park News - Took a ride on BoneShaker and its down to a less intense setting now, Weather I actually got a bad ride I dont know, but I have had better rides on it before. Also noticed on Corkscrew near the end of the day, they had 2 trains operating but only 1 train was being filled, this was odd as both trains were being filled for most of the day so I couldnt work out why they were doing it and the queue was still fairly big at the time(ODD). Also tryed to do Ribena Berry Bish Bash but they wouldnt let me(BOO) I had a look inside and it did look like fun(It looked Better than the one at Chessington) but despite there not being a queue, they still refused me entry(BAH).

I even tryed to ride Nemesis again twice in a row but was refused and then was angered to see lots of empty seats on the train(Why Alton Why,So many other Parks let you stay on rides so why cant you do it). I also went to see the New 3D Cinema Show as well today. All I will say it Its a huge improvment over the last film and I actually quite enjoyed it, I wont say too much for everyone but make sure you get a chance to watch it next time you go as it is worth watching IMO.

So overall not a bad day out but the weather ruined it a bit. Firstly It was sunny, then it rained, then the sun came out, then it rained, then the sun came out and then(Well you get the General Idea) Seriously the weather couldnt make it mind today. One monent the sun is shining and then its raining. Really Odd. but apart from that, It was still quite a good day, Cant Wait to get back up there probably in July with a bit of luck.

Anyway you can view some pictures from today which include Construction of the new Hotel and Pictures INSIDE the Ribena Berry Bish Bash Attraction all at the address below so enjoy :)

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