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Alton Towers and Th13teen

Welcome to Alton Towers in 2010, Its been another busy season with the introduction of a new coaster that replaced the Corkscrew

This is Alton Towers tribute to the Corkscrew,It was a classic ride and its good that Alton Towers remembers it

So this stands over the entrance plaza as an icon/symbol to remember the corkscrew

It was still sad to see it go, but It was only a matter of time before it went I felt and something new had to be brought in,Its nice Alton are remembering the ride in this way, they simply could have chucked the whole ride on the scrapheap

We will get to see more of Th13teen in a minute.First though Alton have been busy elsewhere in 2010 with a small retheme of Spinball Whizzer into Sonic Spinball

The Famous Sonic makes an apperance into the new theme of course

Its pretty much basic as rethemes goes, Its not been a massive change to the ride

The new look Photo Shop

And the new look cafe

Spinball errrr I mean Sonic Spinball in action

Its Sonic the HedgeHog,Woohoo

James is happy to see Sonic,What a legend

The new look signage

Another look at the new sign with the ride in the background

Now we get onto the important stuff, a look at the new ride Th13teen

As you know,Th13teen replaced the corkscrew,They have also rethemed the whole land into Dark Forest

A look at the flashy new entrance

Th13teen has a world first element,A vertical drop taken in darkness followed by a backwards launch, Its a clever trick and catches a lot of people out.

The new signage for the ride

The Ride is Good, but I wouldnt call it outstanding,It was overhyped to death by Alton who were saying It would be the most technogically advanced and scariest ride in the world(Why I dont know)Just think of a fairly good mine train coaster with a neat trick up its sleeve

The Themeing is quite good,Merlin delivered quite well on Saw the Ride, and they have done well again I thought, Its still not outstanding(There are still far many better efforts out there) but they have still done well

NOTE - You wont see many pictures of the ride actually operating as a LOT of the ride is complety hidden from view,this is one such view you can get though from the queue line

See what I mean, you can see some of the track through the trees, but not a lot

The train coming out of the station, leading to the lift hill

Some of the themeing inside the queue line

A look inside the station(sorry its blured slighty) again the effort into themeing is quite good

A look at the exit path, and the baggage reclaim area

Th13teen Photo Booth

A look at the outside of the station

OMG,A Picture of th13teen operating ;)

Another look at the photo booth

Another look at the station

We're now heading to the exit into the Th13teen shop

Another view of the station

Its this Tower Bit that holds the suprise part of the ride,I did think it was fun and does the job well

So what now follows is a few more pictures of the ride operating(Of what views I could manage) and some general photos of the ride.Its a shame you cant picture any more of the ride, but I hope you enjoy them

So Ug Land have now been re-themed into Dark Forest

So naturally because of the new ride, they have given Rita a small re-fit to fit in with the new theme

You can see the new look station and control booth

Rita'a Helix, still packs a nice punch I think

A look at the new look Rita with the new look trains

I still think Rita is a nice ride

I know there are better rides out there, but it packs a nice punch into a nice tight space

Some people didnt think Rita would be a hit, but I think its finally been accepted into the Alton Elite of Coasters

The crowds prove it at least, Its always busy and you're always queueing anything between 30 mins-1hr on a pretty busy day

One final look at Rita

When Alton Towers had that terrible fire on the Skyride, they rethemed all the stations and finally put in new Cable Cars, here's the station at Cred Street end

Nice and Colourful

Sone nice new signage, The New Cars have slighty less capasity than the old ones, but you usually still never queue long for this at either station

Its probably me, but I never seemed to notice these spooky pictures in the Duel Exit Queue line and thought they were new for this year???Can anyone confirm or Am I just going mad

RANDOM DUCK ALERT, This picture is for my friend James as he likes Ducks ;)

Ben and Jerrys is now at Alton Towers, Yum Yum

The Towers give off some nice views of the surrouding areas of Alton Towers

Behind that building is Hex, The BEST haunted Swing Ride in the world IMO, and YES I have ridden Villa Volta at Efteling, Its rubbish, I even rate the one at Phantasialand in Germany BETTER than Villa Volta

Some nice Views of the Gardens

Views from the top of the Towers at Alton

X-Sector is over there ;)

I see you Oblivion :p

Oblivion - Still a nice ride, Still a nice drop, I miss the early years though of the Thick Steam/Fog they created over the drop which really gave the ride an added effect(It really felt like dropping into the unknown) ahhhhh what memories

One final view looking over Alton Towers

Th13teen is quite possibly the most overhyped rides ever,All the talk of one of the most technologically advanced and the scariest ride in the world is a long way off, However its still quite a good ride at heart, Its not terrible(there are far worse coasters out there) but its certaintly no way the best either, Just think of a advanced kids mine train coaster with a very unique trick up its sleeve. I dont know why Alton went for this approach, At no point did I see anyone come off the ride really thrilled, I could tell people liked it, but a lot were saying "It was'nt really that scary than they made it out to be"
Its a good subsitute for the Corkscrew, I think it finally needed to go, and something new brought in, and this is still a good change because of it. Its been another good season at Alton, I think they have done well in 2010, Th13teen has still proven a good change, Sonic Spinball looks ok as basic re-fits go,and the whole re-theme of Ugg Land into Dark Forest again looks good.
I look forward to what the future brings at Alton, 2011 looks like being a quiet year though at the towers with only a rumoured revamp of the old 3D Cinema, and something finally being put in the old Black Hole tent, but we wait and see

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