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Coaster Reports/Pictures

To make my webpage easier to use, I have now put all links onto one page and will simply update it each year with the newer updates at the bottom

2003 was when I started creating my webpage,The early reports are not upto scratch with many future updates which are a lot better(The quality is in the photos when I got a decent digital camera for the Spain Trip) I did lots of reports in 2003 with many at uk parks, and a few abroad in France,Spain and Ohio

Adventure Island at Southend
Brighton Pier
Drayton Manor Park AGM Behind the Scenes with the ECC
Hayling Island
Paultons Park
Drayton Manor Park
Thorpe Park Nemesis Inferno Premier Screaming Event
Alton Towers
Chessington and Thorpe Park
France ECC Trip
Thorpe Park
Alton Towers
Hayling Island and Southsea
American Adventure
Thorpe Park
Spain ECC trip
Maddam Tussaurds,David Blane and Thorpe Park
Ohio Trip
Alton Towers

2004 Reports

2004 was a big year for the UK, we saw new coasters at Legoland,Chessington,Alton Towers and Southend all of which are seen in updates below, There are also reports from the usual UK Parks plus a few new ones as well,There are also reports from Florida and Nearly every major park in Germany. I also did a special feature on Eclipse at Thorpe Park showing off some great aerial views of the park before it left Thorpe at the end of the 04 season

Adventure Island(Southend)
Thorpe Park
Chessington World of Adventures(Dragons Fury Opening)
Paultons Park
Alton Towers(Spinball Whizzer Opening)
Florida trip
Chessington World of Adventures
Alton Towers and Drayton Manor Park(ECC Trip)
Gt Yarmouth and Pleasurewood Hills
LegoLand(Jungle Coaster Report)
ECC Germany Tour(ECC Trip)
FlamingoLand and Lightwater Valley(ECC Trip)
Southport and Camelot(ECC Trip)
Aerial Pictures from Eclipse

2005 Reports

2005 was once again another busy year for the UK seeing new coasters at Flamingoland,Alton Towers and Drayton Manor Park,there was also sad news when the Bubbleworks at Chessington was to be rethemed losing the orginal charm of the ride so I decided to do a tribute to The Ride before its retheme. There are the usual updates from most of the UK parks this year along with updates from a few other UK Parks, I also went back to Florida for another trip and a long weekend to Holland

Klondike at Hayling Island
Adventure Island Southend
Alton Towers Behind the Scenes(ECC Trip)
Thorpe Park(Rehesrsal Day)
Alton Towers(Rita Opening)
Chessington and Thorpe Park
Holland(ECC Trip)
Florida Trip
Blackpool(ECC Trip)
Thorpe Park
West Midlands Safari Park
Drayton Manor Park(G Force)
Hyde Park Fair
BubblesWorks - A Tribute

2006 Reports

Yet again, 2006 was a big year for the UK, Thorpe Park brought us Stealth,Flamingoland brought us Kumali,Paultons Park brought us Cobra, and Oakwood brought us Speed so it was definatly another year to be spoiled in the UK. All the usual UK Parks were reported on with reports on all the new coasters, I also went back to France twice,once with the ECC and then on a long weekend to Disneyland Paris,I also undertook a massive long 2 week trip to the USA with the club too. There are also reports on some UK Parks that I hadnt visited before

Stealth and Cobra Preview
Paultons Park(Cobra Opening)
Thorpe Park(Stealth Opening)
DisneyLand Paris and Disney Stuidos
Wicksteed Park,Gullivers Land and Alton Towers
France(ECC Trip)
ECC American Trip
The Big Wales Weekend
The Big Mini UK Trip(5 Parks and 2 fairs)

2007 Reports

2007 was a rather quiet year for the UK in terms of new rides,Some parks brought in rides that were relocated from other parks(Blackpool buying Traumatizer from Southport,Pleasurewood Hills buying the Missle from AA are 2 examples)Only Southend treated us to a major new coaster credit in the form of Rage, So all the UK Parks are once again reported on,Plus there are more reports from Florida, and another Report from Holland to report on some new coasters that opened over there in 2007

Southend Adventure Island(Rage Preview)
Paultons Park
Thorpe Park(Rebirth of Flying Fish)
Rage at Adventure Island
Florida Trip
Alton Towers
North Wales and Drayton Weekend
Infusion at Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Legoland(Viking River Rapids)
Gt Yarmouth,Joyland and Hemsby
Pleasurewood Hills(Rebirth of Missile at AA)
Knightmare at Camelot
Holland(ECC Trip)

2008 Reports

2008 was the poorest year ever for the UK,parks still installed new attractions but there was only one new coaster at Drayton Manor, 2008 was also met with sadness at the closure of Metroland in the Metrocentre which gets a well deserved update so there are still a few UK park updates for the year along with a big report from America as part of a ECC trip

Paultons Park
Alton Towers
Hayling Island
SeaBurn Park and Ocean Beach(Newcastle)
A Tribute to Metroland
Thomas Land at Drayton Manor Park
Wicksteed Park
Middle America Trip(ECC Trip)

2009 Reports

There are only a few updates for 2009 due to various different things that happened with my life this year which meant I couldnt find the time to go to as many parks as I would have liked, I still reported on the major new coaster installation at Thorpe Park, the new ride at Paultons, and do another short update for Southend

Southend Adventure Island
Paultons Park(New Disco Coaster)
Thorpe Park(Saw Opening)

2010 Reports

Again due to various different ongoing commitments with my life, there are not many updates for the year,It was'nt a great year for the UK anyway with only Alton Towers giving us a major new coaster, So Alton gets a usual update,Plus there's a report from Legoland and a look at the new area "Wild Asia" at Chessington

Southend Adventure Island
Wild Asia at Chessington
Th13teen at Alton Towers

2011 Reports

I covered a fair bit in 2011, The New Coaster at Drayton,Thorpe Park's New Water Ride,Peppa Pig World at Paultons,Atlantis at Legoland, and there are some reports from Florida from when I last visited in 2007,there is also one last update from Londons Winter Wonderland

Drayton Manor Park Preview
Thorpe Park and Storm Surge
Paultons Park and Peppa Pig World
Drayton Manor Park and Ben 10 Coaster
Florida Trip
Legoland UK and Atlantis
London's Winter Wonderland

2012 Reports

Gullivers Milton Keynes Behind the Scenes
Thorpe Park and the Swarm
Paultons Park and Magma
Europa Park and Wodan

2013 Reports

Southsea Clarence Pier
Alton Towers and the Smiler
LegoLand and Duplo Valley
London's Winter Wonderland

2014 Reports

Pleasurewood Hills Behind the Scenes
Paultons Park
WinterVille and Winter Wonderland
2015 Updates will soon appear, including an update soon from Margate on the restoration of the Scenic Railway and the rebuilding of the Park that is happening down there, I hope to include a few more updates that I did in 2014, this was all due to personal commitments

If you have any queries about these photos, or would like to e-mail me in general, my name is Paul Orsmond, and my e-mail address is below
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